'The Walking Dead' Josh McDermitt speaks out against body-shaming and cyber bullies

As social media is on fire with body-shaming of one of his co-stars, he sets them straight!
"The Walking Dead" has been showing us bits and pieces of each sub-group so far this season. In episode 7 we got a chance to catch up with Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Heath (Corey Hawkins). This was...
9 December 2016 -
S. Morris

‘The Walking Dead’ tonight – spoilers for season 7 episode 6 ‘Swear’

Tara and Heath find Oceanside, and guess who dies in tonight’s episode?
“The Walking Dead” is on tonight and here are “TWD” spoilers for season 7 episode 6 titled “Swear.” This episode takes us away from the communities and out to the seashore as we get our...
27 November 2016 -
B. Gates-turner

New 'Walking Dead' episode 8,season 7 spoilers revealed. Negan's back & more

Things get way out of control after Negan returns to Alexandria, and more!
Ok, so we've got some new teaser intel for the new episode 8 of The Walking Dead's current season 7, and I believe that this is where we're really going to see some more wild stuff go down. We got...
4 December 2016 -
A. Braddox
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