The Walking Dead is a horror drama television series aired by AMC cable television channel. The show focuses on the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse with zombies (referred to as "walkers") attempting to turn ordinary humans into zombies as well. The series takes place mostly within the Atlanta metropolitan area and the surrounding countryside.

The Walking Dead has been first aired on October 31st 2010 and has been renewed for a seventh season which premiered on Sunday, October 23rd in the US.

The Walking Dead focuses on the character of sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, starred by Andrew Lincoln, as he becomes the leader of a group of survivors after waking up from a coma to discover this apocalypse.

Many characters have been recurring throughout the seven seasons as well as leaving the show. Are included among the other main characters throughout the seven seasons of the series:

  • Carl Grimes, starred by Chandler Riggs is Rick's son and has been part of The Walking Dead from the beginning (seasons 1 - 7), along with the main character Rick Grimes.
  • Shane Walsh (seasons 1 - 2), starred by Jon Benthal, is Rick's former police partner and close friend
  • Lori Grimes (seasons 1 - 3), starred by Sarah Wayne Callies is Rick's wife, who had an affair with Shane Walsh during Rick's coma.
  • Andrea (seasons 1 - 3), starred by Laurie Holden
  • Dale Horvarth (seasons 1 - 2), starred by Jeffrey DeMunn
  • Glenn Rhee (seasons 1 - 7) is a former pizza delivery boy who saves Rick's life and is starred by Steven Yeun.
  • Daryl Dixon (seasons 2 - 7) is group's main zombie hunter. Later he becomes Rick's closest man and is starred by Norman Reedus.

The Walking Dead television series has been created by Frank Darabont and is based on the comic book series of the same name written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

Since its beginning, The Walking Dead received numerous awards including a Golden Globe award for Best Television series and had several spin-offs dedicated to the franchise like "Fear The Walking Dead"