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Wife of Pulse Nightclub shooter arrested in San Francisco

Noor Salman faces charges of aiding and abetting, along with obstruction of justice.
Noor Salman, wife of gunman Omar Mateen who carried out the deadly June 12th shooting in Orlando, Florida, was arrested by FBI agents in San Francisco today. Mateen was gunned down in a police...
16 January 2017 -
S. Oliver

Four charged with hate crimes for torturing mentally disabled teen on Facebook Live

Four are charged with a hate crime tonight as a result of allegedly kidnapping and torturing another teen. Don Lemon thinks otherwise.
Four suspects have been charged with a hate crime for racial torture of a mentally-disabled teen. According to the New York Daily, Police have charged them, yet some of the officers claim the attack...
5 January 2017 -
J. Ledbetter

Shootout at U.S. Consulate in Laredo part of cartel-terrorist attack plan by ISIS

Reports claim that the attack is a plan to hinder the Trump Inauguration in a few days...
World politics - A deadly shootout at the US Consulate is part of a plan to hinder the inauguration, Judicial Watch reports. The attack was early last week in a small Mexican border town of Laredo....
13 January 2017 -
J. Ledbetter
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  • Putin demands answers on ambassador assassination

    After the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Putin demands to know who ordered the murder.
    Ankara - As tensions rise Putin wants to know who ordered ambassador dead. Yesterday, a Turkish police officer shot the ambassador in an assassination. The Ambassador was giving a speech during an art...
    20 December 2016
    J. Ledbetter
  • Berlin Terror Attack: live updates, and everything we know so far

    Citizens still reeling from Christmas market terror attack in Central Berlin.
    Germany still in shock following Berlin terror attack In an attack that's eerily similar to the one that took place last Summer in Nice, France, the latest attack involved a tractor-trailer that...
    20 December 2016
    E. O'morgan
  • Berlin Terror Attack: suspect still at large

    German Chancellor responds in the wake of tragedy, calls other world leaders during difficult time.
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks out following terror attack in Berlin In the wake of the terrorist attack carried out on Monday, at roughly 8PM local time in Berlin (that left 12 dead and 48...
    20 December 2016
    E. O'morgan
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