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Shootout at U.S. Consulate in Laredo part of cartel-terrorist attack plan by ISIS

Reports claim that the attack is a plan to hinder the Trump Inauguration in a few days...
World politics - A deadly shootout at the US Consulate is part of a plan to hinder the inauguration, Judicial Watch reports. The attack was early last week in a small Mexican border town of Laredo....
13 January 2017 -
J. Ledbetter

ISIS video shows kids as young as 3 murdering Kurdish prisoners in an abandoned funfair

Amid all the terror attacks recently, ISIS is back to their old tricks.
According to a report from The Sun News, ISIS and their reign of terrorism, have once again forced the world to gasp. This time, they boast about their toddler executioners. The video starts with a...
9 January 2017 -
J. Ledbetter

Is a suicide bomber really a 'hero soldier of the caliphate?'

How could one call them heroes when they're killing dozens of innocent people? How can we counter a threat with which we cannot reason?
Recently, a rare statement issued by the ISIS (the so-called Islamic State) regarding the responsibility of the Istanbul nightclub shooting that killed at least 39 people and wounded dozens more claim...
11 January 2017 -
U. Mumtaz
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  • Muslim migrants kick baby on bus in Germany

    Amid the influx of migrants filling Germany, many Germans are angry tonight.
    Amid the influx of migrants filling Germany, many Germans are angry tonight. According to the Jihad Watch website, December 28, a group of migrants kicked a baby. No one knows the motive behind the...
    31 December 2016
    J. Ledbetter
  • Istanbul: gunmen dressed as Santa Claus opens fire at New Year’s Eve party

    As the New Years Eve party in Turkey reached climax, a gunman opened fire in a Turkish night club
    Istanbul - As the New Years Eve party reached climax, a gunman opened fire, killing 35. The gunman was dressed in a "Santa Claus" costume as he went on his murderous tirade. According to the...
    1 January 2017
    J. Ledbetter
  • Istanbul attack: news of Erdogan power grab paves the road to dictatorship

    Following another terrorist attack in Turkey, President Tayyip Erdogan promises to end terrorism as he seeks to establish a dictatorship.
    When asked about the terrorist attack that left his brother wounded at Istanbul's Reina nightclub on New Year's night, Zeynep Ozman said that there was no life left in the city. He said that he did...
    2 January 2017
    J. Mark
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