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'Teen Wolf' season 6: will Stiles accept the bite? EP teases Scott's 'desperate' decision

Scott is ready to bite Stiles, but will his pal accept the dangerous offer? 'Teen Wolf''s Joe Genier explains
In the world of “Teen Wolf,” it rarely pays to be a human. And yet, for Stiles Stilinski, it’s always been more than enough. On the eve of the midseason premiere, however, the tenuous bonds of...
21 January 2017 -
V. Frith

Ali Fedotowsky speaks out, shares why she thinks Corinne will make fantasy suite dates

Without even looking at spoilers, Ali has her own reasons for thinking Corinne will make it that far
This season on "The Bachelor" 2017 everyone can't stop talking about Corinne Olympios. Now Ali Fedotowsky has joined in, and she feels pretty strongly that Corinne will end up making it clear to the...
19 January 2017 -
M. Robinson

'The Walking Dead' controversy

Do viewers find the Zombie Apocalypse too violent? The executives are responding.
The season premiere of "The Walking Dead" was an eyebrow-raiser for sure. The executions of Abraham and Glenn was much more brutal and violent than many were prepared for. In what could have been an...
21 January 2017 -
S. Morris
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