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Supreme Court allowed Trump travel ban as policy placeholder

The Supreme Court's travel ban enforcement was temporarily customized until the administration can show some sort of policy for putting it into place.
Since President Trump signed executive orders for what was initially referred to as a Muslim ban, the federal appeals courts have been fighting with the administration to define the ban, forcing it to...
23 July 2017 -
J. Mark

Travel ban: Trump triumphs in Supreme Court ruling

Trump administration has a reason to smile as the Supreme Court on Monday, 26th reinstated Trump’s travel ban but only for some immigrants.
On Monday, 26th the Supreme Court Trump’s travel ban, though only for some immigrants.The ban will go into effect for any foreign nationals who do not have any bona fide relationship with a person...
28 June 2017 -
T. Riaz

Justice Kennedy considering retirement in the next year

With rumors he might retire this summer, evidence suggests he might retire prior to October 2018.
For weeks now, there has been significant chatter that Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy, might be retiring this summer. Kennedy was speculated to announce his retirement at his law clerk...
4 July 2017 -
M. Feldman
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  • Orlando prosecutor Aramis Ayala takes Gov. Rick Scott to court

    Aramis Ayala has stood against seeking the death penalty of a cop killer, she's arguing why in state Supreme Court
    Yesterday, Orlando prosecutor Aramis Ayala took the stand to defend her argument against seeking the death penalty in Florida’s Supreme Court. The judges in the Supreme Court were asking question...
    29 June 2017
    H. Wilkins
  • New Jersey takes the fight to the Supreme Court over sports betting case

    American Gaming Association forms a partnership with attorneys and policymakers to combat a legal battle over a sports betting ban this month.
    On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court made an announcement of their decision to hear and review New Jersey's appeal to the federal ban of sports betting. "We are pleased the Supreme Court appears to have...
    27 June 2017
    J. Brown
  • Florida's death row inmate population will shrink following SCOTUS ruling

    The 2016 court ruling in Hurst vs. Florida, inmates on death row may have death penalty appealed or life sentence
    In 2016, Hurst vs. Florida was a case about capital punishment sentencing in Florida. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the death penalty conviction in Hurst's case. Timothy Hurst was charged with...
    3 July 2017
    H. Wilkins
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  • Bloody attack on Venezuela's congress leaves many lawmakers injured

    The political situation in Venezuela has become more difficult, and there are now violent acts on a daily basis
    A violent mob that is thought to have connections to President Maduro's increasingly despotic regime burst into the Congress of Venezuela yesterday, and brutally attacked members of opposition...
    6 July 2017
    N. Say
  • Supreme Court partly restores Trump travel ban pending review

    President Trump claims victory in a controversy that has roiled his presidency from the beginning.
    During the final day of its current session, the Supreme Court provided President Donald Trump a clear victory by partly reinstating a travel ban from majority Muslim countries that are centers of...
    26 June 2017
    M. Whittington
  • US Supreme Court agrees to hear oral arguments in next term of travel ban

    President Donald Trump called the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court on travel ban a clean victory in the field of national security
    US Supreme Court agreed to consider an appeal against the decisions of two lower courts that blocked President Donald Trump's travel ban on the six Muslims countries into the US, reported by the...
    28 June 2017
    V. Verma
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