'Supernatural Wayward Sisters': Kim Rhodes' Jody Mills to replace Dean & Sam?

Here are the latest updates on 'Supernatural: Wayward Sisters' spinoff starring Kim Rhodes: Will she go against Dean and Sam?
Dean and Sam Winchester have found a new rival in Sheriff Jody Mills. Actress Kim Rhodes leads a new team of kickass ladies in the new "Supernatural" spinoff project. 'Supernatural' expands its TV...
22 June 2017 -
A. Leal

'Supernatural' star Jared Padalecki vulnerable after daughter's birth

The famous 'Supernatural' actor, Jared Padalecki revealed his feelings after welcoming Odette.
The "Supernatural" phenomenal actor, Jared Padalecki recently welcomed his newborn daughter, Odette Elliot. He and his wife, Genevieve Cortese now have two boys and a baby girl. Could it be true that...
29 May 2017 -
D. McAdams

‘Supernatural’ fans continue to speculate about Mark Sheppard’s departure

Did Mark Sheppard leave ‘Supernatural’ after disagreements behind the scenes?
Mark Sheppard has made it extremely clear that he will not return to “Supernatural” season 13. It doesn’t look like this has been completely his decision. While fans are extremely upset and...
27 May 2017 -
L. Gunn
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    26 May 2017
    L. Gunn
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