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7 things that should NOT happen in 'Stranger Things' season 3

After binge-watching the highly anticipated second season of "Stranger Things," here are some things that shouldn't be in the confirmed next season.
The first day of December was met with the best news for Netflix fans, as the streaming network has decided to go forward with "Stranger Things" season 3. The global phenomenon from the Duffer...
3 December 2017 -
O. Cavallaro

Ready for more Eleven? 'Stranger Things' renewed for third season at Netflix

Everyone's favorite streaming-sensation is gearing up for another year of mysteries in Hawkins, Indiana.
You heard right 80's fans! "StrangerThings," the show that is always on everyone's lips, has officially been renewed for another year over at everyone's favorite streaming powerhouse, Netflix! Today's...
1 December 2017 -
J. Essigmann

10 Times Chief Hopper Of 'Stranger Things' Made Us Emotional

David Harbour, who plays the heroic Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper, plays another role this season, and viewers are here for it.
It's been exactly 32 days since "Stranger Things 2" premiered on Netflix, so it's an assumption that everyone has already binged watched the entire new season, once, twice, or even three times (we...
28 November 2017 -
O. Cavallaro
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    The actress who plays Eleven in the popular Netflix series had been visiting 'Down Under' before she stopped over in Bali.
    Millie Bobby Brown has recently visited "Down Under" – meaning Australia, and not the "Upside Down" for a change. However, on her way back home, the "Stranger Things" actress stopped over in Bali....
    1 December 2017
    A. Sewell
  • 5 'Stranger Things' characters who changed the most

    'Stranger Things' released its second season and it was clear that characters learned from the past.
    The Duffer Brothers showed the world what a great TV show should be when they released "Stranger Things." The show somehow managed to provide great characters, an even better plot, and some of the...
    30 November 2017
    A. Angelone
  • Oh my 'Stranger Things,' how you've grown

    Is the hit Netflix series already experiencing growing pains in its second season?
    After the second season of 'Stranger Things' has come and gone, it is time to assess how the series and its young cast have grown since season one. With a completely revamped cast and a step back from...
    1 December 2017
    M. Reinertz
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