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'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story': iconic characters that might be back

Rogue One director Gareth Edwards spilled the beans about a couple of cameos from iconic Star Wars characters
The Star Wars fever has begun again as if its golden age would never have gone away and today, millions of fans are waiting to see the latest story of the franchise, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"....
4 December 2016 -
L. . Things

Adam Driver weight loss stuns, but fear not because Kylo Ren got his 'Star Wars' sexy back

'Star Wars' Adam Driver revealed secret behind scary 50-lb weight loss, proves he's back to buff in bizarre magazine photo shoot.
Adam Driver shocked fans looking scary skinny recently. But before you panic, check out Interview magazine's most recent issue. Driver spills secrets on his massive weight loss and a rather bizarre...
29 November 2016 -
M. Sachteleben

'Rogue One' - first day of ticket pre-sale is record breaking

The upcoming 'Star Wars' movie has the second highest pre-sale day of all time
"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" will be released in December, but it has already broken a box office record. Pre-sale tickets for the upcoming movie went on sale Monday, November 28. Upon the release...
30 November 2016 -
R. Defalco
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  • Writers of 'Star Wars: Rogue One' offer slam against Donald Trump

    'Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.'
    “Star Wars: Rogue One” is an eagerly awaited film depicting the operation that stole the plans for the Death Star, something that featured so prominently in the first film that hit the theaters in...
    28 November 2016
    M. Whittington
  • Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford had affair on 'Star Wars'

    Carrie Fisher had 3-month long hookup with Harrison Ford. No Solo for Han.
    Carrie Fisher took on more than the Emperor in the first "Star Wars" movie. The 19-year-old had an affair with co-star Harrison Ford who was 34 and a married dad of two at the time. In memoirs more...
    15 November 2016
    M. Sachteleben
  • Why 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' is going to annoy me

    Lacking in major stars, 'Star Wars Episode VIII' could cause disappointment.
    I'm not going to pretend to follow Star Wars news all that closely, something that will be pretty obvious to those that do by the time you get to the end of this article. When I changed my calendar...
    2 December 2016
    S. K. Lambert
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