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Sony rolls out beta 5 of PlayStation 4’s system updates

Sony launched the beta 5 firmware version for its PlayStation 4 console.
Good news for PlayStation 4 owners. On Thursday, August 17, Sony rolled out the system firmware update 5.0 for beta testers. The PS4 beta 5.0 update has been codenamed NOBUNAGA and will be reaching...
19 August 2017 -
A. Mantri

5 Upcoming 2017 Smartphones You Should Watch Out For

Smartphones from Xiaomi, Sony and HMD Global that consumers should watch out for.
Each year, numerous smartphone brands release flagship models but most consumers only pay attention to Apple and Samsung’s offerings. This year, we may see new smartphone flagships from Nokia, Sony,...
19 August 2017 -
A. Tee

Sony rolls out newest PS4 software update that parents will love

Parents and guardians are given more control over the gaming habits of their children.
Sony has recently released the details of the newest PlayStation 4 software updates according to its official blog post. The company will allow selected users to test the new features through a beta...
19 August 2017 -
J. L. Agustin
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  • Sony confirms PlayStation 5 is in works

    With the Xbox One X set for a November release, Sony has confirmed that a PS5 is also in the works.
    As Sony continues to dominate the console market during this generation, the massive multimedia company has set its sights on the future. This November, Microsoft will release the Xbox One X, which is...
    6 August 2017
    M. Sammut
  • Four games we would love to see on PlayStation 5

    According to reports, Sony is developing their next console, which may be available in 2018.
    Despite the fact that PS4 is still going strong, and the Pro version is practically a baby, Sony confirmed that they preparing to launch the next generation of PlayStation soon. Here's a look at a few...
    8 August 2017
    M. Sammut
  • PlayStation 5 backward compatible with PS4 Pro? Possible release date revealed

    Sony’s much-awaited new generation game console is surrounded with predictions and theories.
    In spite of the tight competition, Sony remains to be the number one game console of this generation. Thus, a lot of game enthusiasts are excited for the coming of the PlayStation 5. Although Sony...
    9 August 2017
    B. Potts
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