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Sarah Palin loses it, claims to be the victim of 'fake news' while citing her own op-ed

Sarah Palin is blaming media "fake news" over an op-ed article that she wrote herself that was critical of Donald Trump.
One story that has gained much attention in recent weeks has been allegations of "fake news" on the internet. While the overwhelming amount of alternative news sites are credible, some conspiracy...
5 December 2016 -
R. Sobel

Glenn Beck rips Sarah Palin, accuses her of 'brain aneurysm' for supporting Donald Trump

Glenn Beck didn't hold back his thoughts about Sarah Palin for her defense of Donald Trump, despite a recent critical op-ed.
When Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, it fractured the Republican party and the conservative movement in the process. While some openly supported Trump, others were quick to...
6 December 2016 -
R. Sobel

Donald Trump news: here's who the President-Elect might choose for his cabinet

Possible choices for Trump's cabinet include a CEO, a Diplomat, and Sarah Palin?
Donald Trump's America After a shocking victory against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump has said he wants to focus on uniting the country and moving forward in a...
15 November 2016 -
K. Carneglia
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