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Possible new 'Overwatch' character spotted, or just old concept art?

Blizzard puts out a new video for the 'Overwatch' Horizon Lunar colony map and eagle-eyed fans go hunting
Blizzard Entertainment released a new "Overwatch" promo video Tuesday to give PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Horizon Lunary Colony map. Along the way, one fan...
13 June 2017 -
S. Grill

Next 'Minecraft: Console Edition' update teased with llamas, and more

'Minecraft' on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch catching up to Pocket and PC Editions
4J Studios teased the next update to "Minecraft: Console Edition" Thursday. The next batch of content coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and legacy consoles will feature a mix of...
7 June 2017 -
S. Grill

Here are the reasons why Sony blocks cross-platform play

Ever wondered why Sony doesn't allow its users to play against other platforms?
At this year’s E3 event, it was announced that popular games such as “Rocket League” and “Minecraft” will be available for cross-platform play. This means that players using the Nintendo...
17 June 2017 -
X. Juliano
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  • Chinese 'Overwatch' clone turns Winston into a panda and McCree into a lady

    Mobile shooter has mashed 'Overwatch' characters with other questionable copyrighted choices
    The popularity of "Overwatch" has never been in doubt. The game has generated over $1 billion in revenue after one year of release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, according to the latest...
    6 June 2017
    S. Grill
  • 'Overwatch' double XP happening this weekend for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

    First double XP event finally arrives for 'Overwatch' players to level up quickly
    Double XP events are staples for multiplayer shooters that have some sort of leveling system, such as "Call of Duty." Oddly, it's taken a year for "Overwatch" to receive its first such event and it...
    7 June 2017
    S. Grill
  • 7 things to know about Sony’s Spider-Man for PS4

    Insomniac Studios’ Spider-Man for the PS4 was shown of at the E3 event. Here are seven things you need to know about the upcoming game.
    The Spider-Man gameplay revealed during Sony’s E3 conference was one of the highlights of the event. However, before the release of the game in 2018, there are a few aspects that one should know....
    20 June 2017
    S. P
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