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Are you passionate about Politics? Subscribe to Blasting News Politics Channel!

Are you passionate about Politics? Subscribe to Blasting News Politics Channel for the latest breaking news, scoops, and updates.

What is Politics?

Politics is the actions employed with the governance of countries, global and local. It involves the discussion, good and bad, among individuals or assemblage either having or hoping to achieve power. Their action affects the very existence of people throughout the world and creates at times complex global political challenges. The local, national, international and global dimensions of political activity that impact individuals and societies can sometimes offer an opportunity to a better life or can cause conflict and despair.

Politics is an ever-present factor in our daily lives; where, how, and when we work, how much we get paid, what we eat, and where we sleep.

The world of politics can fascinating and frustrating, it can also be like a puzzle where you must separate the friction from the non-friction and scrutinize the pieces that don't fit.

Voice of the people

In today's world, the most important element in Politics is the involvement of citizens. Citizens who are willing to open their minds and study all sides of an issue, brave enough to listen to other opinions and participate in discussions in a respectful way. Throughout history, individual citizens of the world have met the challenges and reached out to like-minded citizens to make lasting changes in many of the aspects of Politics, domestic and international, for the betterment of all.

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