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'Pokemon GO:' New annoying bug irks players; Mewtwo raid, counters detailed

Some 'Pokemon GO' trainers noticed a bug that is barring them to enter raids.
A lot has been lined up for "Pokemon GO" as of late with the announcement of the AR title's upcoming Safari Zone event in Europe and the looming EX Raids. However, quite a number of players have...
7 September 2017 -
E. Cruz

‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ news: Creators release huge game surprises

It seems like the gamers of 'Pokemon Sun & Moon' will have a lot to celebrate.
The last four months of this year is going to be great for Pokemon enthusiasts! Even though “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!” will not be in theaters until November, fans can already celebrate...
10 September 2017 -
D. McAdams

‘Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’ new trailer out, Nintendo confirms leak

Nintendo Direct announces the Necrozma fusion forms in 'Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.'
“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will soon launch on the Nintendo 3DS but the details pertaining to its gameplay remained scarce since its announcement. But thanks to a new leak, exciting...
13 September 2017 -
M. King
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  • ‘Pokemon Go’: Gen 3 release date just confirmed!

    New details revealed about the release date of the Gen 3 creatures to the ‘Pokemon Go’ app
    Niantic continues to amaze the "Pokemon Go" fans worldwide with the arriving of the new creatures corresponding to the third generation of the franchise. While it is true that in recent hours it was...
    30 August 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • Improvements and new features in Pokemon GO

    Niantic announces an improvement of the raids and the operation of the game in the rural areas.
    After the increase of players motivated by the appearance of Legendary Pokemon, Pokemon Go continues to have updates and improvements. As Tatsuo Nomura, projects manager at Niantic, recently explained...
    30 August 2017
    M. Martinez
  • 'Pokémon GO': Legendary Pokémon date release revealed

    The most powerful Pokémon of Generation I, Mewtwo, will appear in upcoming Exclusive Raids battles.
    Last month, the Poké Balls were concentrating on the legendary Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia. Now, there's a new Pokemon on the block: Mewtwo. The first appearance of Mewtwo took place during...
    30 August 2017
    R. Cabral
  • 'Pokemon GO:' Ongoing bug irks players, EX Raid Battle test run looms

    An ongoing 'Pokemon GO' glitch has been acknowledged by Niantic as this has irked most of the players.
    While the hype train of "Pokemon GO" keeps on chugging with the recent release of its K9 legendaries, the player base is still irked with the game's catch system. Niantic has acknowledged the bug as...
    2 September 2017
    E. Cruz
  • 'Pokemon GO:' Legendary K9's revealed; best counters detailed

    Niantic has officially announced the arrival of another set of legendaries in 'Pokemon GO.'
    The legendary avians in "Pokemon GO" are about to fly away, and there is no indication that they will be back anytime soon. However, news just came in that they will be replaced by their legendary...
    31 August 2017
    E. Cruz
  • 'Pokemon GO:' Egg pool shakeup detailed, hyper-rare species discovered

    Niantic has tweaked its egg pool lineup including the rarity of some monsters in 'Pokemon GO.'
    While Niantic is still checking the ongoing curveball bug in "Pokemon GO," the developer made some recent changes to the AR title's egg hatch pool. Some of the tweaks include the removal of some...
    4 September 2017
    E. Cruz
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