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'Pokemon Go' returns to popularity?

Massive Niantic Labs update sees addition of new Pokemon and game-play changes.
In a turn of events that are either exciting or annoying depending on who you ask, July of last year was the time when dreams of some people who played the games and watched the still-running anime...
23 February 2017 -

‘Pokemon Go’: new, efficient trick to get the best items to evolve

Obtaining the best elements to evolve the new Pokemon of the second generation has not been easy, here is a new trick that's very effective.
From the entry of generation 2 to “Pokémon GO," some important changes were made to the gameplay along with the new update. One of them is the introduction of evolutionary items. These items, in...
20 February 2017 -
S. D. Baez

'Pokemon Go' back on top after update added new characters

The handheld game had seen interest wane after initial explosion post launch.
"Pokemon Go" is once again surging to the top of the charts on both iOS and Android following a rather massive update that added more than 80 new Pokemon to the list of those little creatures you can...
21 February 2017 -
W. Atticus
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  • ‘Pokemon GO’: new Pokémon you must choose as a companion on Valentine's

    Next, we share with you the latest news released by Niantic, related to the new changes, and new updates arriving to the game.
    The Valentine's Day event has already begun and thousands of users of “Pokémon GO” are enjoying the "surprises" that Niantic has planned to celebrate "Friendship Day" around the world. Did you...
    9 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • ‘Pokemon GO’: new Gen 2 Pokemon you should focus on catching

    Here’s what we know so far about which Generation 2 Pokemon have the best CP and Gym abilities.
    New updates for 'Pokemon GO' Undoubtedly, Niantic has revolutionized the application of “Pokemon GO” in a spectacular way, with new updates and interesting changes made recently in the game. As we...
    17 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • ‘Pokemon GO’: Niantic changes hatching rate for its Pokemon eggs

    Next, we share with you the latest changes in the hatching ratio for the eggs in 'Pokemon GO.'
    New updates, as well as new, exciting changes in the game of “Pokemon GO” have been made by Niantic, seeking to get back the millions of users who deserted the game, unhappy with the performance...
    11 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
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  • ‘Pokemon GO’: two new Pokémon enabled by Niantic

    Next, we share with you the latest news about the new creatures arriving to the game.
    Fantastic. Just a few minutes ago, new interesting details about the new "Pokemon GO" updates were revealed. Two new creatures have been revealed. According to this source, Niantic is in the process...
    2 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • ‘Pokemon GO’: the new global mini-game of Niantic

    Next, we share with you the last news about the new mini-game launched by Niantic.
    The new global mini-game of "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon" is now available. It is about making exchanges through the GTS, and will be available until February 14, 2017. Undoubtedly, this is a new...
    1 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • 'Pokemon GO': new Pokestops and Gyms added to the game

    We share with you the latest new details about new Pokestops and Gyms arriving to the game.
    Leading up to Valentine's Day, new changes and updates are still being leaked for the upcoming Niantic event. Just a few moments ago, new developments related to the new changes that will be...
    3 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • ‘Pokemon GO’: how to get the best new evolutions of Eevee

    With the new items and updates in 'Pokemon GO,' here is the best way to evolve Eevee and others creatures.
    One of the most popular and appreciated creatures on the long list that we can find in Pokémon is the multi-faceted Eevee. This gentle character has the characteristic of being able to evolve into 8...
    18 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • These phones are not allowing users to play ‘Pokemon GO’

    The new ‘Pokemon GO’ update is causing a lot of discontent among users, due to the non-functionality of the game on their phones.
    With the new update of "Pokemon GO," several phones suddenly closed the application. Reports have come out about user complaints, dissatisfied with the malfunction of their smartphones, after having...
    17 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • 'Pokemon GO': official Pokémon lenses for users with myopia

    A great new surprise for all Pokemon users -- a brand new lens so that you do not lose sight of them, and you can catch them all.
    Myopia, astigmatism, and farsightedness are common visual medical conditions among gamers. Using lenses involves taking personal care and hygiene, but it is also a basic part of the wearer's...
    12 February 2017
    S. D. Baez
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