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‘Pokemon Go:’ new Pokemon to replace Rattata, Pidgey & Zubat revealed

Finally, after a long wait, it was revealed -- the exclusive news that all 'Pokemon Go' fans were waiting for.
Since the release of "Pokemon Go," there have been many changes and updates in the game. However, today, it was revealed -- one of the most interesting updates of this exciting game. This is the news...
4 November 2016 -
S. D. Baez

‘Pokemon Go’: new trick to get Grimer and Muk without dying

We give you a trick so you can get this Pokémon type and can complete your Pokédex.
Surprises and surprises, is what we're taking after the big Halloween event that Niantic left us with. After the return to the top of Pokemon Go, the good news keeps coming to our ears, and even more...
9 November 2016 -
S. D. Baez

‘Pokemon Go’: watch this new effective trick to find Ditto quickly (Video)

Just a few moments ago, it was revealed -- a new, effective trick to find and get Ditto.
"Pokémon Go," has regained popularity following the appearance of Ditto, as part of the Thanksgiving event. Thus, if users want a chance to capture this rare pocket monster, they can only do so for a...
28 November 2016 -
S. D. Baez
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