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'Pokemon Go' Equinox event features the Super Incubator and more

Players are excited to the exciting features of the 'Pokemon Go' Equinox event which will launch today.
"Pokemon Go" will be getting its first global event on Sept. 22 called the "Pokemon Go" Equinox event. This event, which ends on Oct.2, celebrates the Equinox with exciting offerings and features. It...
21 September 2017 -
C. Leighz

'Pokémon Go:' New PokeStops, global spawns and new events confirmed by Niantic

New details revealed about new changes in the ‘Pokémon Go’ app and new exciting features coming to the game.
New revelations continue to emerge on social media about the new changes and events that will be coming to "Pokémon Go" in the coming days. While it is true that a new "Pokémon Go" event is taking...
19 September 2017 -
S. D. Baez

Niantic releases new ‘Pokémon GO’ update, discusses new AR title

Niantic CTO Phil Keslin believes that audio should be incorporated into the company's future AR titles.
Niantic has rolled out a new update for “Pokémon GO.” They have also added a free item, which is a brand new T-shirt that players can add to their avatar wardrobes. The purpose is to honor the...
19 September 2017 -
R. Roy
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  • ‘Pokémon GO’ Halloween event and methods to make it less boring

    ‘Pokémon GO’ should ideally receive new game mechanics during the Halloween event. Niantic should not focus only on Raids.
    It is commonly believed by numerous players who participate in forums, that “Pokémon GO” Raids have been the only meaningful activity in the game. However, during the upcoming Halloween event,...
    19 September 2017
    R. Roy
  • 'Pokemon Go' Exploit lets you swap Raid Boss with a different power level

    There is a way to change the CP Level of the Raid Boss in 'Pokemon Go' with a newly discovered method.
    “Pokemon Go,” like any other game today has its own set of bugs, glitches, and exploits. In fact, game developer Niantic Labs is continuously rolling out fixes to resolve the issues. One of the...
    17 September 2017
    A. Kishimoto
  • 'Pokemon GO' glitch to re-roll a Legendary Raid Boss combat power

    A 'Pokemon GO' player found out that there is a way to change or reset the combat power of the Legendary Raid Boss
    Raid Battles are one of the most challenging features in “Pokemon GO.” Every player knows how difficult it is to defeat a Raid Boss, and how painful it is to catch a Raid Boss that has low Combat...
    18 September 2017
    E. Morilla
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  • ;Pokemon Go': Niantic announces two new Fest events

    Niantic confirms some Pokémon Go events in the US for the coming months.
    Summer started with the first Pokémon Go fest in Chicago. This event turned into a mess when connection problems began for attendees. Due to this problem, Niantic had to calm the players down with...
    30 August 2017
    M. Martinez
  • 'Pokémon Go': Another new feature just confirmed by Niantic

    Details revealed about new changes in the ‘Pokémon Go’ app and new exciting features coming to the game
    New exciting features continue to arrive to "Pokémon Go." According to new information revealed by Niantic's CEO, the mobile video game, which takes advantage of augmented reality to capture the...
    6 September 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • Pokémon Go: third generation will be late in arriving due to update failure

    Recently discovered that in the lines of code of Pokémon Go the creatures of third generation.
    The error occurred only in a small group of users who were testing the update, but the game developers preferred to delay the arrival of the new version. The creatures of the third generation It was...
    30 August 2017
    M. Martinez
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