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North Korea’s underground H-bomb blast shook the mountains

Pyongyang conducted underground testing of its H-bomb in September, it shook the mountains and its aftershocks are still being felt.
North Korea tested its sixth nuclear test on September 3, and claimed that it was an H-bomb. The underground test shook the mountains resulting in an earthquake, and according to experts, the bomb was...
11 December 2017 -
P. Ghose

Trump taunts Kim Jong-un as 'sick puppy' and 'Rocket Man' during unhinged speech

Donald Trump decided to mock Kim Jong-un just hours after North Korea warned that they had missiles that could reach the United States.
Just a day after North Korea reported that they now have missiles that can reach the United States mainland, Donald Trump decided to continue his war of words with the leader of the country. During a...
29 November 2017 -
R. Sobel

Is North Korea preparing to conduct more nuclear tests?

Kim Jong-un has kept the world guessing, and millions would perish if he launches an electromagnetic impulse EMP.
The world continues to condemn North Korea and imposes economic sanctions at regular intervals to block its activities connected to the development of nuclear weapons. However, its leader Kim Jong-un...
1 December 2017 -
P. Ghose
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  • Pyongyang launches an ICBM that reaches an altitude of 4000 Km (2500 miles)

    After nearly two months of inaction, North Korea has launched an ICBM that reached an altitude of around 4,000 Km (2500 miles)kilometers.
    North Korea has set aside all speculations and created global panic by conducting one of the most powerful testings of an ICBM. The missile was airborne for nearly 50 minutes, attained an altitude of...
    29 November 2017
    P. Ghose
  • Blame the Democrats for North Korea

    How the 35-year campaign against missile defense left America vulnerable.
    If North Korea takes out an American city with a nuclear missile, or if the United States has to lose 20,000 servicemen in a preemptive strike to prevent it from doing so, we can safely blame the...
    29 November 2017
    M. Whittington
  • North Korean missiles sighted by crew of commercial flights

    Airlines have apparently seen missiles from North Korea in the skies while operating in nearby airspace.
    North Korea has been testing its missiles on a regular basis, and it has compelled one of the airlines to reroute its commercial flights in the region. Singapore Airlines has taken this action for its...
    7 December 2017
    P. Ghose
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  • Trump mocks Kim Jong-un as 'short and fat' during latest meltdown on Twitter

    Donald Trump decided to reignite his feud with Kim Jong-un as he continued on with his foreign trip in Asia.
    It's no secret that Donald Trump makes a habit out of lashing out on social media. In his most recent tweet, the president decided to once again insult the leader of North Korea. Trump on North Korea...
    11 November 2017
    R. Sobel
  • The US Navy shows off its might off the Korean peninsula

    It is a rare occasion to see three aircraft carriers of the US Navy together, but it has happened in the Western Pacific Ocean.
    The United States conducts regular naval military exercises with its allies South Korea and Japan to keep them tuned to the correct frequency. This is to ensure a high level of preparedness by all...
    13 November 2017
    P. Ghose
  • North Korea could be planning for something big in December

    The sudden silence of North Korea could be in preparation of some big event that could happen before Christmas.
    Kim Jong-un has been unusually quiet for a long time with no missile test to prove its might or vocal outbursts against the United States or Donald Trump. This was most unlike him, especially when...
    27 November 2017
    P. Ghose
  • US think-tank confused about Kim Jong-un’s next move

    The usually vocal Kim Jong-un has suddenly fallen silent, and the Americans are worried about the goings-on in North Korea.
    The sudden silence of North Korea on its nuclear weapons programs, coupled with lack of activity on the missile front, has got the US defense and intelligence officials worried. They are unable to...
    25 November 2017
    P. Ghose
  • Another perspective of Trump’s Asia tour

    Contradicting stand on North Korea, a dictator or a “would be” good friend of the US?
    President Donald Trump wrapped up his extensive tour of Asia in the Philippines by calling it a tremendous amount of work on trade. What he got from his Asia tour will be reviewed and analyzed by the...
    15 November 2017
    Q. Ashar
  • North Korea says Trump is itching to start a nuclear war

    US president Donald Trump has made certain statements during his visit to South Korea that has put the North on a warpath.
    President Donald Trump is on his first ever tour of Asia and he has made comments on a wide range of subjects. Some of those comments have not gone over well with North Korea and it has retaliated by...
    12 November 2017
    P. Ghose
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