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North Korea warns of nuclear war at any moment

It was the ultimate threat issued on the floor of the United Nations and designed to strike fear in the U.S.
“A nuclear war may break out at any moment," said Kim In Ryong, North Korean Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations on Monday, according to CNN. The tough words were pronounced from the floor of...
18 October 2017 -
T. M. Pessanha

North Korea could send ICBMs to strike the East coast

Pyongyang does not rule out diplomacy but wants to show its nuclear capabilities to the US before talks can commence.
The Korean peninsula continues to remain tense. Pyongyang has indicated that it is not averse to diplomacy but, its first priority is to make the United States aware of its nuclear capabilities. North...
18 October 2017 -
P. Ghose

North Korea has reached touch-and-go point, nuclear war may break out anytime

North Korea threatens the US once again with its nuclear war despite pressures and sanctions.
“Nuclear war can break out at any moment,” said the Deputy Ambassador of North Korea to the United of Nations on Tuesday. He stated that North Korea has reached the touch-and-go point in the midst...
18 October 2017 -
J. Bans
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  • Why the cyber-army of North Korea is more worrying than its nuclear weapons

    North Korea poses a new and more powerful threat than its nuclear weapons.
    After Russia gave Kim’s regime a cyber lifeline, the cyber ability of North Korea became more powerful. Now it seems that the rogue nation poses not only a nuclear threat but also a cyberthreat,...
    19 October 2017
    W. Parker
  • Trump threatens North Korea on Twitter, rips past presidents for being 'fools'

    Donald Trump went back the attack against North Korea, this time putting the blame on previous administrations for the current conflict.
    It's no secret that Donald Trump often makes comments that come off as reckless or offensive to many people. Continuing his war of worlds with North Korea, the president doubled down on his recent...
    7 October 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Conditions are right for another 'test' by North Korea

    As President Trump continues to increase his threats against North Korea, they show signs of conducting another missile test.
    October 10 will be what North Korea considers as "Party Foundation Day", which is the 72nd anniversary of when the Communist Party of North Korea was founded. On the same day, campaigns will begin for...
    8 October 2017
    J. Mark
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  • Trump mocks North Korea in latest tweetstorm, North Korea responds with threat

    As Donald Trump continued his Twitter attacks on North Korea, the rival nation responded back with a threat of their own.
    Over the last week, Donald Trump has taken his feud with North Korea and Kim Jong-un to the next level. After Trump posted yet another provocative tweet, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho sent...
    23 September 2017
    R. Sobel
  • North Korea pays the price for threats and suffers severe economic blow

    Facing the tension and war threats in Asia, the North Korean government will have to worry about economic sanctions from its only Asian ally.
    The Chinese government announced on Thursday, September 28, through the Ministry of Trade China, that they will close all Chinese companies that are working in the North Korean territory until January...
    29 September 2017
    D. Allen
  • Donald Trump trashes 'Rocket Man' in latest tweetstorm, hints at military strike

    Donald Trump went back on the attack against Kim Jong-un, calling on Rex Tillerson to stop negotiating with North Korea.
    In the midst of the hurricane in Puerto Rico and his feud with the National Football League (NFL), Donald Trump is once again back on the attack against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In his latest...
    1 October 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Egypt caught trying to buy weapons from North Korea

    The country was attempting to order tens of thousands of RPGs from the isolated state.
    According to an article from The Washington Post, Egypt was caught last August attempting to purchase 30,000 rockets from North Korea in a since foiled deal. The fallout from this has affected the...
    4 October 2017
    G. Sousa
  • Trump: 'Only one thing will work on North Korea'

    Trump hints at military action as he says "only one thing will work on North Korea."
    Donald Trump and the government of North Korea are waging verbal warfare that has become prevalent in recent months. Trump says Pyongyang has been "making fools of US negotiators" for 25 years. Trump...
    8 October 2017
    D. Allen
  • North Korea Grandstanding: Political theatre

    North Korea is one of three nations left on Earth with no central bank.
    Only three nations on the planet today do not have a central bank. They will be familiar to all readers. For some reason, they are also known as the most evil nations in existence. They are Syria,...
    3 October 2017
    B. Nibley
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