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Nicki Minaj takes revenge on Rihanna through Drake

It looks like the Trinidadian beauty can't move on from the past and wants to get even.
Trinidadian singer-songwriter Nicki Minaj has been showing off his cozy moments with her rumored boyfriend Canadian rapper Drake, who also dated Barbadian singer Rihanna. She’s been posting photos...
5 August 2017 -
C. Dollanganger

Eminem's new album: Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj to collaborate with 'Stan' rapper?

The ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber told her fans that she wants to record a song with the 'Rap God' singer.
It’s been three years since Eminem released his last album called "The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” Released on November 5, 2015, the rapper’s eighth studio album featured other exemplary artists in...
16 August 2017 -
A. Drake

Rob Kardashian laughs off Blac Chyna's ambition.

Blac Chyna's ex-fiance makes fun of her after she disclosed her plan to venture into music
People will stand in your way and prevent you from achieving your dreams. You will hear them disapprove your credibility, even before you try something out. It is even worse when the person you are...
7 August 2017 -
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  • Ariana Grande's Instagram account was hacked

    Her account was filled with obscene and offensive messages and Nicki Minaj picked up on this.
    Fans of Ariana Grande were beyond shocked when the singer's online account began to post racist and pro violent messages yesterday. It has since been confirmed that Grande's account was hacked into...
    5 August 2017
    L. O. C. Desmond
  • Blac Chyna richer than Rob Kardashian? Custody negotiations almost settled

    Blac Chyna is reportedly making more money than Rob Kardashian as the ex-couple wraps up their custody negotiations.
    Who would have thought that the love story of Blac Chyna and Robert Kardashian would end up pretty fast and in a custody battle? Following their separation in February, the ex-couple is now finalizing...
    5 August 2017
    K. Belonio
  • Blac Chyna's newest career move.

    After her recent fallout with Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna plans to make music.
    The infamous Blac Chyna is a model and a reality star. The Rob Kardashian porn attack might have made her more popular, and she's therefore aware of the attention around her. She is going to grab the...
    5 August 2017
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