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Megyn Kelly officially starts at NBC in May

Megyn Kelly is getting ready to launch her NBC shows in June and September.
Megyn Kelly is scheduled to start working at NBC in May. However, she will not come on board with all her shows until the fall. She wasn't due to start at NBC until after her contract expired at Fox...
24 April 2017 -
M. Minnicks

Is ‘Chicago Fire’ on tonight, April 18, 2017?

When will a new episode of 'Chicago Fire' season 5 air on NBC and why isn't it tonight?
Last week, “Chicago Fire” season 5 skipped a week. NBC opted to not air the episode, but what about this week? Will April 18, 2017 host a new episode of the favorite TV fire fighters? Here is all...
18 April 2017 -
L. Gunn

NBC's 'Powerless' continues to head toward cancellation

It may be too little too late for 'Powerless' this week, as it looks set not to get renewed for season 2.
Fans of NBC’s “Powerless” need to take this seriously. The show is heading toward cancellation, despite seeing a slight rise in ratings recently. The average ratings are still poor across the...
7 April 2017 -
L. Gunn
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  • Is new ‘Powerless’ on tonight, April 20, 2017?

    New 'Powerless' airs tonight but it may not be enough to save the show.
    Fans of “Powerless” will be forgiven for having to ask this question. NBC has not been great with its schedule for “Powerless” season 1. It’s a shame because the comedy program looked...
    20 April 2017
    L. Gunn
  • Is 'Chicago Fire' season 5 on this week, April 11, 2017?

    Things aren't looking good for Severide and Anna in 'Chicago Fire' season 5.
    “Chicago Fire” fans, there is some bad news. There won’t be a new episode on tomorrow night, April 11, 2017. In fact, there isn’t going to be a new episode of the men and women from Firehouse...
    10 April 2017
    L. Gunn
  • What will 'Powerless' be about this week, April 13, 2017?

    Will NBC stick to the expected next episode for 'Powerless' season 1 this week?
    NBC’s “Powerless” isn’t the most exciting show on TV right now, but there is a small fan base. That small fan base is interested in this week’s episode, but it’s clear that nobody really...
    12 April 2017
    L. Gunn
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