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'Will & Grace' is coming back for more

Popular sitcom with gay main characters returns with all stars for new 10-episode season
When you’re a television sitcom and someone like the Vice-President of the United States states how your episodes have been highly educational for the public despite not meaning to have them be so,...
19 January 2017 -

‘Timeless’ 1x11 ‘The World’s Columbian Exposition’ recap and review

The ‘Timeless’ team has to track Lucy down when Flynn takes her in ‘The World’s Columbian Exposition.’
With Lucy stuck with Flynn, Wyatt and Rufus set out to find her in “The World’s Columbian Exposition.” They end up tracking them to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, but when America’s first...
16 January 2017 -
A. Joyce

'Days Of Our Lives' - Deimos Kiriakis going back to his old ways?

Deimos is backsliding and it could cause Nicole to break things off on 'Days Of Our Lives'
Like every soap opera, "Days Of Our Lives" has good characters and villains. When Vincent Irizarry first appeared as Deimos Kiriakis, he seemed like a bad guy. However, he eventually seemed like he...
17 January 2017 -
T. Rios
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  • 'Days Of Our Lives': Chloe changes her mind about telling Nicole the truth

    Nicole won't find out Holly is her baby this week on 'Days Of Our Lives.'
    "Days Of Our Lives" fans are wondering if Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) will tell Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) the truth about baby Holly. According to the latest "DOOL" spoilers, it won't happen this...
    16 January 2017
    T. Rios
  • ‘Emerald City’ 1x03 ‘Mistress-New-Mistress’ recap and review

    While in ‘Emerald City,’ Dorothy takes a big risk to find a way home for ‘Mistress-New-Mistress.’
    When Dorothy and Lucas discover that the Wizard is out to kill her, they decide to take a big risk to find Dorothy a way back to Kansas in “Mistress-New-Mistress.” The Wizard, back in Emerald...
    13 January 2017
    A. Joyce
  • ‘Emerald City’ series premiere recap and review

    NBC provides a new twist on Oz with an ‘Emerald City’ on the brink of war where magic is outlawed.
    “Emerald City” was plagued by production issues for the last two years, but NBC has finally brought the new take on the story of Oz to the small screen in a ten episode series. The series kicked...
    7 January 2017
    A. Joyce
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