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Taylor Swift will be out with new music soon

Since we haven't heard anything recently, new music must be on the way, right?
Has Taylor Swift ended her haters as identifying herself as the queen of snakes? In her previous albums she identified herself as the one who puts an end to male domination. But what does her recent...
22 August 2017 -
V. Serrao

Music company Hal Leonard partners with Disney to release three children's books

Music professional and educator Emily Holt Crocker, discusses the series and the importance of music.
Music company Hal Leonard and Disney recently announced the release of three children's activity storybooks in a series that they collaborated on called "Explore Music." These books Include "Moana:...
8 August 2017 -
M. . Meehan

A lookback at ‘Your Lie in April’

It's been three long years, but the anime has still not lost its sheen.
‘Your Lie in April’ is one of those rare animes that can entice the audience with its simple, yet meaningful storyline. While some might consider it overrated, the show is popular for good...
29 July 2017 -
N. Cone
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  • Trout Fishing in America band set to perform at Long Island Children's Museum

    Musician Ezra Idlet discusses his band's forthcoming concerts, current projects, and more.
    Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimmwood are a duo of musicians who make up the "Trout Fishing in America" band that is known for their unique family-friendly tunes. On August 16 and 17, the four-time...
    5 August 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • Aaron Carter splits from girlfriend Madison Parker, reveals bi-sexuality

    The 29-year old singer has officially come out as bisexual after breaking up with girlfriend, Madison Parker.
    It's splitsville season in Hollywood, as pop singer Aaron Carter and his girlfriend, Madison Parker have separated. The news came via his representative, who told PEOPLE, "Aaron [Carter] and Madison...
    7 August 2017
    O. Cavallaro
  • Will human musicians become obsolete?

    Music is becoming another creative field where artificial intelligence is taking over.
    The use of electronic instruments and digital technology in music has been around for decades now, and musical styles like techno and house are currently at the top of their popularity. Still, there...
    9 August 2017
    L. Zivkovic
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