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Nominating a proud lesbian as the Air Force Academy Commandant

The Foundation for Moral Law tries to strike down lesbian Air Force official’s promotion because she is 'ungodly, and a bad influence on cadets
Air Force Colonel Kristen Goodwin will be nominated as the commandant of the US Air Force Academy. Her nomination is an atrocity according to The Foundation for Moral Law—a hate group headed by...
4 April 2017 -
N. Paulson

What will happen if North Korea launches a nuclear missile?

US officials say military is ready to strike North Korea if Kim Jong-un authorizes a nuclear weapons test in the near future
According to a report by NBC News, if North Korea initiates a nuclear weapons test, America will retaliate with a missile strike of its own. Sources indicate that North Korea has a "big event"...
13 April 2017 -
J. Pinkney

Dreaded North Korean missile launch fails, US breathes a sigh of relief

As US officials waited with bated breath, Kim Jong-un's attempt to impress the world with his military power failed again.
Reports indicate the North Korean missile launch that the US and the rest of the world had been anticipating took place today- but what was supposed to be a show of power for the Communist regime was...
16 April 2017 -
J. Pinkney
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  • Navy Sailor and child porn charges, a shockingly common military offense

    Jordan Lee Adams pled guilty on April 13, 2017; faces 30 years in prison for distributing photos of, and having sex with at least four young girls.
    Adams, a 26-year-old Navy Sailor, faces charges for a number of deviant sexual offenses towards underaged girls. Reportedly, states that he distributed sexually revealing pictures of young...
    15 April 2017
    N. Paulson
  • US drops 'mother of all bombs' on suspected ISIS stronghold

    The GBU-43 is the US military's largest non-nuclear bomb, and it was just detonated over a province in Afghanistan
    At about 7:30pm in Afghanistan, reports indicate the US Air Force dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in service on an ISIS target. The weapon, dubbed "The Mother of All Bombs," was deployed in an...
    13 April 2017
    J. Pinkney
  • Army Blackhawk helicopter crashes on Maryland golf course, kills 1 and injures 2

    12th Aviation Battalion, Davison Airfield, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, loses one crew member and two were injured in a helicopter training exercise.
    The United States Army's 12th Aviation Battalion was conducting a routine training operation in Maryland on Tuesday, April 17, 2017. The Army unit is based out of Davison Airfield in Fort Belvoir,...
    18 April 2017
    N. Paulson
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