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Russian IL-78 air-tankers to be part of IAF as India scraps Airbus deal

The Indian government has scrapped the $2 billion deal with Air Bus of the European consortium and opted for the cheaper Russian IL-78
India continues its love affair with Russian equipment and aircraft. The latest news is that the deal with Airbus to supply MRTT airplanes has been scrapped. The deal was worth over $ 2 billion and...
3 December 2016 -
M. Singh

Analysis of the Russian MIG-29k carrier borne supersonic fighter

The MIG-29 K is a state of art war machine capable of short landing and takeoff but poor quality control has let the machine down
The MIG-29K is a carrier version of the plane designed by the Mikoyan design bureau. It is a short landing and takeoff aircraft with retractable wings for storage abroad carrier. The plane was in the...
26 November 2016 -
M. Singh

Is the F-35 super stealth fighter jinxed as 3rd aircraft catches fire

The deep penetration strike aircraft has a high cost of over a 100 million dollar apiece and is a state of art warplane but teething problems remain.
On October 27 an F-35 super-stealth fighter on a routine flight caught fire. The pilot was able to land the machine despite the fire. This showed that despite the fire the plane remained airworthy....
23 November 2016 -
M. Singh
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  • T-90 Russian made battle tank is inducted in by Indian army to give it unmatched power

    India will acquire 464 Russian battle tanks under 'make in India' scheme of Modi to beef up the Indian military
    The Indian army is the 4th largest in the world with an effective strength of 1.2 million. Such a large army is needed as India faces a hostile China with a border of 1500 miles and an aggressive...
    8 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • India conducts a massive military exercise with troops and helicopters on Pakistan border

    Pakistan a Muslim theocratic state considers India enemy and foments terror acts inside India and the response is a massive military exercise.
    India-Pakistan relations are bedeviled by religion as the basis of Pakistan was the two nation theory which stated that Hindus and Muslims were separate countries and could not live together. The two...
    13 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • China transfers attack helicopters to Pakistan

    Pakistan is arming its army with latest helicopter gunships from both Russia and China in a bid to add fire power
    Pakistan armed forces are beefing up. With tension on the rise with both India and Afghanistan, the need to strengthen the Pakistan army is of great importance. In addition, a terror movement is alive...
    19 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • 4th anniversary of Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and still it is a dud

    The Liaoning is the sole aircraft carrier of the Chinese fleet and as yet is not ready for combat and is thus used as a training ship
    China had commissioned a used aircraft carrier after it was refurbished into its navy. That was four years back and it was christened the Liaoning. Despite 4 years having elapsed the aircraft carrier...
    16 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • India inks 155 mm howitzer gun deal with USA

    The USA will supply 145 long range howitzers to India for 700 million dollars.
    India has just concluded a deal for the 155 mm field guns from the USA for the Indian army. This acquisition marks a change from the earlier practice of going only for Russian weaponry. It also...
    17 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • India buys 12 amphibious rescue aircraft from Japan for $1.5 billion

    Japan has sold to India amphibious sea planes (the Shin-Meiwa U-2) in a deal worth over 1.5 billion dollars.
    India is facing a maritime threat in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal from China, whose submarines routinely sail the Oceans close to Indian naval establishments. There is a need for a long...
    6 November 2016
    M. Singh
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