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Wozniacki ousts Sevastova to reach the 2nd WTA final in a row

The Dane is definitely building momentum during the Middle East outdoor hard swing.
Caroline Wozniacki seems on the verge of doing some huge damage in 2017. Earlier today, she booked a spot in the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships final at the end of what was a raw display of...
24 February 2017 -
C. F.

How a NASA 2019 lunar mission could further Middle East peace

Let's fly an Israeli and an Arab astronaut along with two from NASA around the moon
One of the unspoken opportunities that the idea of sending a crew of astronauts around the moon resides in international diplomacy. Truth to tell, large space projects have been international since...
23 February 2017 -
M. Whittington

Donald Trump's new 'Muslim ban' nearly identical to his original, AP reports

Donald Trump is getting ready to release his "revised" executive order on Middle East travel, though it doesn't appear much different than the first.
In the four weeks that he's been in office, Donald Trump has experienced the most backlash over his "Muslim ban" executive order. After the ban was blocked by a federal judge and later an appeals...
20 February 2017 -
R. Sobel
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  • The amazing King Abdullah of Jordan

    A King does not always mean a hardcore ruler and dictator - King Abdullah of Jordan proves that by being the complete opposite
    Do you know the King of Jordan? You may or may not know about King Abdullah the 2nd of the Kingdom of Jordan. He is not only a King of a nation in the Middle East, but he is actually one amazing guy!...
    18 February 2017
    A. . Lutfi
  • Viral photo of passenger flight full of hunting falcons

    In the Middle East, hunting falcons have their own passports and ticket prices.
    Since several centuries ago, people hunted for food by training animals that would come after smaller creatures to retrieve for their handlers. Hunting animals ranged from dogs to birds of prey like...
    2 February 2017
  • Terror is not a war to be fought at the airports

    The executive order to ban Moslems from at risk countries does not fight the true war
    This week world news was dominated by President #Donald Trump’s executive order to ban Moslem refugees from seven “at risk” countries in the Middle East. The ostensible reason for this...
    4 February 2017
    G. (. Pezzano
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