Kim Kardashian doesn't want to be married to Kanye West - secretly plots divorce strategy

Kim Kardashian wants full custody of her children - Saint and North West
A few weeks ago, reality star Kim Kardashian-West returned to social media after a short hiatus. But as soon as she emerges from her self-imposed hibernation, the West was removed from her name. Could...
18 January 2017 -
R. B. Foster

Kim Kardashian: Paris robbery may be 'inside job'

Paris authorities investigate all possible connections, including people part of Kim's team.
Kim Kardashian West and her family can sigh in relief as Paris authorities announced this week that 17 people were arrested and called in for questioning in connection with the Paris robbery. But the...
10 January 2017 -
M. Castaneda

First suspects in Kim Kardashian jewelry theft are formally charged

Four men have been formally charged for stealing the jewelry of the reality star.
French police announced on Thursday (January 12th), that they have formally charged four men from a group of 17 suspects arrested last week for stealing Kim Kardashian's jewelry. The suspects already...
12 January 2017 -
L. Carvalho
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  • Over 17 people arrested in connection with Kim Kardashian's jewelry heist

    French police nabbed suspects after initiating several raids in the region.
    Seventeen people, ranging in ages from 23 to 72, were taken into custody Monday after French police conducted multiple raids throughout Paris and the southern region of France. The thieves are being...
    9 January 2017
    S. Oliver
  • Kim Kardashian enjoys night out with Kanye West in rare public appearance

    Couple have been keeping a low profile for the past few months following robbery and health problems
    Kim Kardashian, who recently revealed that she was almost shot during a robbery, enjoyed a pleasant night out with her husband Kanye West this Friday (01/06). The couple made a rare public appearance...
    9 January 2017
    J. Magnoni
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