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SLAM ranks LeBron James as the best player in the NBA for the 2017/2018 season

The basketball magazine SLAM expects LeBron James to continue his dominance in the NBA next season as well.
If you thought for a second that LeBron James' dominance in the NBA would stop last season as he entered his 14th year in the league, you were wrong. James entered the league in 2003 as an 18-year-old...
15 October 2017 -
R. Mešić

Kendrick Perkins said Kevin Durant texted Russell Westbrook when he won the MVP

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook has since broke the ice when the latter won the 2017 MVP award.
In June, Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook won the 2017 NBA MVP award. The celebration gave way for Kevin Durant to send a congratulatory message to his former teammate. We all know that...
15 October 2017 -
B. Abad

GM’s pick LeBron James as the best small forward in the NBA

According to general managers around the league, LeBron James is the best SF in the game.
It’s that time of the year again, the time when NBA general managers from every team in the league make their picks and predictions for the upcoming season. It includes questions about who the best...
6 October 2017 -
M. Oakes
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  • Cavaliers' Kevin Love supported Kevin Durant trade to Golden State Warriors

    Kevin Durant recently opened up about his Warriors transfer, revealing his Team USA teammates supported him, including Cavs' star Kevin Love.
    Kevin Durant has been making all kinds of noise on the Internet since he made the jump from Oklahoma to the Bay area. While most comments were coming from haters, in a recent interview, the 2017...
    22 September 2017
    D. Tan
  • Klay Thompson willing to take discount to stay with Warriors but…

    Thompson said he can forego a few million just to remain with the defending NBA champions.
    Like his teammate Kevin Durant, shooting guard Klay Thompson expressed a willingness to take a discount to stay with the Golden State Warriors. In an interview with Marcus Thompson II and Kim Kawakami...
    2 October 2017
    Z. Cecilio
  • Kevin Durant admits to having acne, still figuring himself out amid fame

    Kevin Durant has been making waves online for his Twitter banter, but a recent post on Youtube made him more relatable to fans.
    Kevin Durant is having an eventful off-season. After winning the 2017 NBA Championship and the Finals MVP plum, the Maryland native has been very busy online. While some have enjoyed the banter...
    21 September 2017
    D. Tan
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