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Kanye West pictured blond and alone on first public outing since hospital

Rumors still swirl over Kanye West's hospitalization and his status with Kim Kardashian. If this wasn't enough, now add his blond hair to the mix!
It looks like Kanye West has gone blond as he stepped out for his first public outing since his release from the hospital last week after having a serious psychological breakdown. He was spotted at...
9 December 2016 -
r. . zurko

Kim and Kanye are not thinking about getting a divorce

Friends of the couple assure that the rumors of a possible divorce are totally false.
Since Kanye West (39) returned home after being hospitalized for a week due to a psychotic break, strong rumors of divorce lurked around he and his wife Kim Kardashian (36). Fortunately, those rumors...
9 December 2016 -
N. Bi

Hospital releases Kanye West, brother tells why Yeezy is 'terrified'

No one has quite understood Yeezy's recent emotional trauma. However, Kanye West's brother tells all.
What's really going on with Kanye West? According to The Sun, West's brother, Hal Carmichael, has the answers everyone is seeking. If you're unaware, Kanye West was released from the hospital, on...
30 November 2016 -
A. Daceyah
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  • Kanye West hospitalized, placed under psychiatric evaluation

    West restrained and transported to Los Angeles medical center for treatment.
    Kanye West has been hospitalized in Los Angeles and placed under a psychiatric evaluation at the UCLA Medical Center. Police officers are reported to have answered a call for a welfare check involving...
    21 November 2016
    J. Sue
  • What Kanye West’s 5150 psychiatric hold means

    Latest report insinuates condition is more serious than sleep deprivation and exhaustion.
    Fans and colleagues around the world are reacting to the news of rapper Kanye West’s hospitalization. West’s personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, placed the Grammy award winner on a 5150 after...
    22 November 2016
    S. Oliver
  • What is going on with Kanye West?

    After canceling the rest of his tour, Kanye is hospitalized in Los Angeles.
    Kanye West isn't one for privacy. He has been known to air his dirty laundry many times in front of the media. His strong opinions and need to share them make him known to many that don't follow his...
    22 November 2016
    S. Morris
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