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Kim Kardashian: Not a bad mother

The TV star heads online to defend herself against 'mommy shaming' and criticism.
Kim Kardashian West, the American reality television personality, is one who is used to have her every move inspected. The mother of two and wife of Kanye West, usually just takes criticism with a...
16 August 2017 -
H. Dredge

Kim Kardashian ruined the friendship between Kanye West and Jay-Z

West believes they will be friends again when he acceptes the reality superstar.
Kanye West, 40, believes that he is distanced from Jay-Z because he never accepted Kim Kardashian. It should be remembered that before marrying the reality superstar, West and the "Otis" hitmaker were...
15 August 2017 -
N. Bixx

Kim Kardashian is heartbroken as Beyonce doesn't want to be friends with her

It looks like the reality star badly wants to be friends with Bey but the singer is not interested.
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay Z used to be friends but some issues have caused a riff to their friendship, which reportedly broke the heart of the reality star. Rappers Yeezy and Jay...
15 August 2017 -
C. Dollanganger
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  • Is Taylorde no more? Not at all.

    How the media is creating a rift between the two musicians that doesn't exist.
    Feuds make the news. Just look at the one between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Type both their names into Google, and you're guaranteed to see a new headline. It's no wonder that the media, as well as...
    20 July 2017
    V. Toledo
  • Kylie Jenner gets a $60,000 necklace from her boyfriend

    Travis Scott had the butterfly necklace specially made for his girlfriend's 20th birthday
    Celebrity Kylie Jenner recently celebrated her twentieth birthday with her friends, family and her current boyfriend Travis Scott. Scott treated Kylie to several presents on her special day but the...
    13 August 2017
    L. O. C. Desmond
  • Is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s surrogate mom 3 months pregnant already?

    The showbiz power-couple is reportedly working with a surrogate mother for their third child.
    Kim Kardashian-West has been open about exploring surrogacy for their third child as she has had complications during her past two pregnancies. New reports say that the mother-of-two and her husband,...
    28 July 2017
    K. J. Pine
  • Kim Kardashian's surrogate is already three-months pregnant

    Kanye and Kim Kardashian West will have a third child in six months to add to their expanding family.
    Kim Kardashian has often shared with the public that she wants a big family. She already has two children, and in six months she will add a third child to her family. It doesn't matter whether it will...
    28 July 2017
    M. Minnicks
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s surrogate is ‘pregnant’

    The West family is about to welcome a new member, and Kim and Kanye are very happy.
    Here comes the baby! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will become parents for the third time as their surrogate is “three months pregnant.” The Daily Mail reports that the “Keeping Up with the...
    28 July 2017
    T. Socialist
  • Kim Kardashian testified about her husbands mental health

    Kanye West suffered a severe breakdown back in November of 2016 prompted him to seek professional help
    Kanye West is currently involved in an ongoing battle against his insurance company, as his claim for $10,812,997.09 has been denied. This prompted West to file a lawsuit against the insurance company...
    2 August 2017
    L. O. C. Desmond
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