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Justin Bieber's response to The Weeknd's song 'Reminder'

The singer uses an unlikely weapon against his former friend and girlfriend
The Weeknd has taken the world by storm. His third studio album, "Starboy," has garnered critical acclaim and accolades, but not without a price. The Canadian artist recently broke up with his lover,...
21 February 2017 -
M. Kiser

Justin Bieber accused of using Kourtney Kardashian for revenge on Selena Gomez

Bieber joins Bella Hadid in feeling upset by The Weeknd's new romance with songstress.
Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian have enjoyed an on-again, off-again relationship for months. Now a new report claims that Bieber has been using Kourtney in order to get "revenge" on Selena...
4 February 2017 -

Justin Bieber stars in Super Bowl ad

The T-Mobile spot featured the Canadian singer dancing, among other things.
Commercials are one of the central reasons people tune into the Super Bowl. Companies spend millions of dollars on 30 second spots, knowing the most eyes imaginable will be on their commercials. To...
5 February 2017 -
H. Walter-Warner
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  • Aaron Carter attacked on stage following racial slur

    Aaron Carter comment ends in stage fight and trip to hospital in Illinois.
    Aaron Carter was physically attacked on Friday night on stage at the Loony Bin in Bradley, Illinois by a fellow musician who was offended by a comment that Carter allegedly made containing on...
    18 February 2017
    J. Sue
  • Justin Bieber goes commercial for Super Bowl 51

    The pop superstar shares his favorite moves--and wants to see yours, too
    Justin Bieber will be a headliner at Super Bowl 51, but he won’t be a part of Lady Gag’s halftime show. Instead, the “Never Say Never” singer will star in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad. In the...
    3 February 2017
    V. Miller
  • Selena Gomez is back with hot new single with Kygo

    After taking a step aside from the limelight, Gomez is back to take the music world by storm
    While Selena Gomez has proven to be no stranger to the music scene since her first album debuted in 2009 (while she still had The Scene,) it's clear that she's had an enormous impact on the industry....
    16 February 2017
    J. Freda
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