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Secret link between Israeli MOSSAD and Indian intelligence wing RAW

Indian intelligence and Israeli secret service are in alliance together with extensive military cooperation as they take on extremist Muslims groups
RAW which stands for Research and Analysis Wing is the intelligence gathering agency of the government of India like the CIA. This was set up in 1968 at the behest of the then Indian prime minister...
15 November 2016 -
M. Singh

Changing scenario as Israeli president visits India with Modi as Prime Minister

The Israeli president Reuven Rivlin is on a 6 day visit to India to further defense and economic ties.
The Israeli president Reuven Rivlin has commenced a 6 day to visit India. He is accompanied by a large delegation of military and economic experts. Israel was created in 1948 by a UN mandate. It was...
14 November 2016 -
M. Singh

Israel: fires are out but the damage is devastating

The damage from fires set by Arab Israelis and Palestinians in Israel leaves Israel devastated.
The recent string of fires in Israel, particularly in Haifa, have finally been smothered. Although the damage has been done, there have been 35 Arab Israelis and Palestinians arrested for suspicion of...
30 November 2016 -
J. Parker
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  • Mike Huckabee to be Ambassador to Israel

    His main task will be moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
    According to, president-elect Donald Trump has offered the role of Ambassador to Israel to Mike Huckabee, who has accepted the appointment. Huckabee, a major advocate for the state of...
    18 November 2016
    H. Walter-Warner
  • Largest ever destroyer joins the Indian navy

    INS Chennai, a guided missile destroyer equipped with Israeli-made missiles has been commissioned into the western naval fleet.
    The Indian navy has added the 3rd largest destroyer ever made to the Calcutta class. The warship named INS Chennai is the 3rd warship along with INS Kochi which was the second warship of this class....
    21 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • Donald Trump as president will mark a sea-change in policy towards Israel after Obama

    The right wing Jewish Home Party is delighted with Donald's victory and hopes are high that he will reverse the policy of Obama and foster closer ties
    Donald Trump has won and the Israeli right is celebrating his ascendancy to the president's chair. Obviously, the policy of Obama which was to try and distance the USA from Isreal in the hope of a...
    20 November 2016
    M. Singh
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