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ISIS calls for attacks on Houston

The terrorist group called for the terrorist attacks to be made against area relief centers
While relief efforts continue in Houston, terrorist group ISIS has called for attacks against the relief centers in the Houston area. The terrorist group called on supporters to poison grocery stores...
9 September 2017 -
J. Jarrett

U.S. led forces abandon surveillance of ISIS convoy

Warplanes used to pick off ISIS forces who were part of a stranded convoy.
As the U.S. led Coalition continues to drive ISIS out of Iraq and Syria, Iraqi forces scored a victory against ISIS by defeating them at a near a U.S. base in Syria. The terrorist group recently set...
9 September 2017 -
J. Jarrett

Student accused of islamophobia for mocking ISIS

But who hates Muslims more, the person accused or the person accusing him?
One would think that mocking ISIS, now that the forces of the civilized world are closing in on the Islamic State, would be noncontroversial. ISIS, after all, practices sexual slavery, decapitates and...
6 September 2017 -
M. Whittington
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  • Tim Kennedy plans to defeat ISIS by taking down Poachers

    Former UFC fighter and current Special Forces Operator links animal trophies to terrorism.
    Tim Kennedy is known throughout the mixed martial arts community as an enlisted U.S. Army service member who battled his way up the UFC middleweight ladder. Kennedy, often brutally honest and open...
    22 September 2017
    E. Kowal
  • US-backed forces launch major offensive against ISIS in Syria

    The US-backed fighters aim to take control of eastern Syria in one of the largest battles in the war-torn country.
    In one of the largest offensives ever to be undertaken in Syria, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announced on Saturday that they will be making a push to capture the eastern city of Deir...
    10 September 2017
  • YouTuber PewDiePie jokes that weren’t that funny

    Do you find anti-semitic jokes and joining the militant group ISIS funny?
    If you spend a lot of your time watching YouTube videos, you’ve probably heard about PewDiePie. It’s one of the most popular YouTube channels today, administered by Swedish comedian Felix Arvid...
    15 September 2017
    X. Juliano
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