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Shootout at U.S. Consulate in Laredo part of cartel-terrorist attack plan by ISIS

Reports claim that the attack is a plan to hinder the Trump Inauguration in a few days...
World politics - A deadly shootout at the US Consulate is part of a plan to hinder the inauguration, Judicial Watch reports. The attack was early last week in a small Mexican border town of Laredo....
13 January 2017 -
J. Ledbetter

ISIS video shows kids as young as 3 murdering Kurdish prisoners in an abandoned funfair

Amid all the terror attacks recently, ISIS is back to their old tricks.
According to a report from The Sun News, ISIS and their reign of terrorism, have once again forced the world to gasp. This time, they boast about their toddler executioners. The video starts with a...
9 January 2017 -
J. Ledbetter

Wife of Pulse Nightclub shooter arrested in San Francisco

Noor Salman faces charges of aiding and abetting, along with obstruction of justice.
Noor Salman, wife of gunman Omar Mateen who carried out the deadly June 12th shooting in Orlando, Florida, was arrested by FBI agents in San Francisco today. Mateen was gunned down in a police...
16 January 2017 -
S. Oliver
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  • Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen's widow arrested in California

    FBI investigators believe she may have helped plan her late husband's attack.
    Noor Salman, the widow of the Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, has been taken into federal custody. FBI investigators believe that Salman may have aided her late husband in the planning and...
    16 January 2017
    S. Flowers
  • ISIS leader's bounty increased to $25 million by US government

    The American government have increased the bounty on Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's head.
    The United States government has increased the reward from $10 million to $25 million for anyone who hands in information regarding the whereabouts of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The bounty will...
    13 January 2017
    M. Shields
  • Jerusalem attacker identified as local Palestinian with possible ties to ISIS

    The perpetrator of the Jerusalem truck attack which took the lives of four young Israeli soldiers serving in the defense force, has been identified
    As young IDF soldiers gathered near the Armon Hanatziv promenade overlooking the old city of Jerusalem on Sunday, a truck deliberately rammed into the crowd killing four and leaving more than a dozen...
    10 January 2017
    A. Sanan
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  • Two Turkish soldiers burned alive as ISIS reacts to Erdogan's adventure in Syria

    The intervention of Turkey in Syria is not a success and at home he is a besieged man.
    Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, is on a weak wicket at home – yet he dreams of grandeur in the Middle East. The repercussions of the Turkish army's invasion of Syria have been terrible. The...
    24 December 2016
    M. Singh
  • ISIS puts Christmas attack list for the USA

    According to the FBI, a detailed list of targets was released by ISIS for the Christmas holidays
    Amid all the recent terrorism plaguing the world these days, America was not left out. Isis call called for the attack of Christmas targets in every US city. The terror group threatened "bloody...
    24 December 2016
    J. Ledbetter
  • ISIS,Turkey and the Crusaders, old and new

    In the world of terrorism words are chosen carefully, unfortunately the rest of the world has forgotten the meaning of some of them
    The prisoners were taken out of the captured city and lined up in front of the conquering army. They had been the subject of ransom negotiations that failed and the victorious commander had decided...
    3 January 2017
    G. (. Pezzano
  • ISIS claims responsibility for Istanbul attack

    Amid the Istanbul investigation, the usual suspects step up and claim responsibility.
    According to the Iraqi News website, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Istanbul attack. An ISIS spokesman made a chilling statement about the motive. Yet it's not their usual...
    2 January 2017
    J. Ledbetter
  • ISIS general with 400 soldiers infiltrates Europe disguised as refugees

    With the influx of Migrants heading into the EU, reports say ISIS is coming in with them.
    Amid many terrorist attacks throughout Europe, some say terrorism is becoming the norm. However, the people have yet another worry. Reports from the Daily Mail show evidence that the general has...
    5 January 2017
    J. Ledbetter
  • How will future US-Russian ties affect the Syrian crisis?

    US and Russia are set to strengthen ties, but while both Trump and Putin aim to target terrorism, what about troops fighting the Assad regime?
    Both Russian President, Vladimir Putin and US President-elect Donald Trump have hinted at building stronger ties between the two countries. The US does not back the Assad regime, and the possibility...
    9 January 2017
    A. Sanan
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