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Fear of bombs will not halt Celine, JLO, or Mariah's Vegas Strip performances

Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and the Backstreet Boys will not give an ISIS threat the center stage in Las Vegas
One of the most iconic landmarks for American greed, corruption, and just down-home fun has yet again become the target of an ISIS terrorist threat. Apparently, the terrorists believe that on the...
25 May 2017 -
S. B. Sciacca

Isis-linked militants rampage through Philippines city

We have seen them in almost every country in the world -- that is except for Asian countries. Now that is rapidly changing as time passes.
According to the Guardian, ISIS militants have gone on a rampage in the southern Philippines. In their quest, the terror group has beheaded a police chief and abducted a Catholic priest and his...
26 May 2017 -
J. Ledbetter

Britain put on high alert after the Manchester bombing by the ISIS

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing in Manchester that killed 22 people.
After the suicide bomber involved in the Manchester attack was identified, a decision has been taken by Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May to put the country on the highest level of alert. She...
24 May 2017 -
P. Ghose
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  • US airstrike kills 105 civilians in Mosul

    According to U.S. intelligence, at least 105 Iraqi civilians were killed in an airstrike in Mosul in March of this year.
    Since the launch of Operation Conquest, or Operation Fatah, in October of last year, many casualties have resulted from all the bloody fighting. The offensive is a U.S.-led coalition made up of Iraqi...
    25 May 2017
    J. K. Us
  • U.S. led Syrian force ready to attack ISIS, Iran opposes action

    As U.S. led forces in Syria set their sights to retake ISIS held territories, Iran doesn't want Americans to build buffer zones.
    U.S. led Syrian forces are now ready to retake ISIS-held territories early this summer. The assault on Raqqa is the initial phase of the invasion of ISIS lands in Syria and Northern Iraq. However,...
    20 May 2017
    F. Trance
  • RP president Duterte urges Filipinos to kill terrorists after US intel warning

    US intelligence issued travel warnings over the Philippines after reports of ISIS infiltration, Duterte calls for people to kill terrorists on sight
    US intelligence have issued a travel advisory to American tourists visiting the Philippines to be cautious of possible terrorist activity in the country. The US embassy in the Philippines received an...
    11 May 2017
    F. Trance
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  • FBI translator marries ISIS member she was investigating

    It sounds like something out of a movie, but an already married FBI translator went to Syria and married an ISIS terrorist.
    According to CNN on Monday, May 1, the unthinkable happened. An FBI German translator with a top-secret security clearance married the ISIS member she was investigating. It was back in 2014 when she...
    2 May 2017
    M. Minnicks
  • FBI translator left husband to marry ISIS leader

    FBI translator Daniela Greene secretly went to Syria to marry an ISIS leader.
    Unsealed documents show that a former FBI translator secretly went to Syria three years ago to marry an ISIS leader whom she was supposed to be investigating. She immediately regretted her decision...
    3 May 2017
    X. Juliano
  • FBI translator assigned to investigate ISIS terrorist marries him instead

    An FBI translator was tasked with investigating a German-born rapper-turned-ISIS terrorist but she fell in love with him and left her husband
    FBI translator Daniela Greene, 38, was tasked with investigating Denis Cuspert, a German-born former rapper whose career had changed to that of a bloodthirsty ISIS jihadist. However, she fell in love...
    2 May 2017
    A. Sewell
  • Death toll mounts in Afghanistan as two US soldiers killed

    Battling the ISIS militants in Nandgarhar area in East Afghanistan 2 special forces soldiers are killed and one injured.
    Reports have come that 2 US special forces soldiers have been killed and one injured. These troops were aiding Afghan forces in a battle with the ISIS. They were operating in Nandgarhar, the same area...
    28 April 2017
    M. Singh
  • Is the US missing the bus by attacking the ISIS and going soft on the Taliban

    The ISIS is a minor player in Afghanistan and the major opponent is the Taliban which controls half the countryside and wants total power
    The war in Afghanistan has been going on since 2003. The US intervened at that time to overthrow the Taliban government in Kabul. In a swift battle, the Taliban government was thrown out but the US...
    13 May 2017
    M. Singh
  • Donald Trump is believed to have discussed ISIS with Sergei Lavrov

    During a meeting in White House with the Russian foreign minister, the U.S. president Donald Trump allegedly talked about the activities of ISIS
    Donald Trump is believed to have shared classified information pertaining to activities of ISIS, including some of their future plans, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey...
    17 May 2017
    P. Ghose
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