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Is Shashi Tharoor trying to revive Congress brand of nationalism through his book?

The erudite politician has rediscovered India's colonial past, may be to make an alternative space to the dominant cultural nationalism of BJP
Dr Shashi Tharoor is a man of knowledge and wisdom. He certainly qualifies as a top scholar on things that are related to India. In the Indian National Congress (INC), the man doesn’t have much of a...
23 December 2016 -
S. Ghosh

Will demonetization eventually see deModitization of India?

The Indian PM has not been seen addressing the practical problems related to the gamble of demonetization, even ahead of crucial state elections.
The problem with populism is that it is very difficult to give it up midway. The same is being seen with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Fifty-three days after he had taken the gamble of...
1 January 2017 -
S. Ghosh

India flag doormats sold on Amazon catch ire of India itself

Acting on national patriotism regulations, India foreign minister issues ultimatum to online retailer
In terms of market capitalization and total sales, is head and shoulders above the largest internet-based retailer. One of its biggest draws for online shoppers is that just about anything...
12 January 2017 -
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