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Despite Doklam face-off China cannot afford a war with India

The armies are eyeball to eye ball on the border but China though making threatening noises cannot afford a war as it will bring America against it.
India and China appear to be on a collision course at Doklam, located on the tri-junction between India, Tibet, and Bhutan. The incident that ignited the face-off started when the India army objected...
29 July 2017 -
M. Singh

India out-does America in sex crimes, rape videos are openly sold on the market

A thriving market of live videos of rape of women and girls are sold for as little as 30 cents to $3 right under the nose of the police.
India is in a state of flux and with increasing prosperity, a dark side has emerged; a ready-made market for porn depicting live rapes and gang rapes of girls. The center of this trade is the northern...
1 August 2017 -
M. Singh

Warriors’ Kevin Durant apologizes for critical comments about India

Durant recently conducted a basketball clinic in the country and donated two basketball courts.
Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant committed a major blunder in an interview with The Atlantic, saying that India “is 20 years behind in terms of knowledge and experience” after he...
11 August 2017 -
Z. Cecilio
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  • Cricket News: India beats Sri Lanka again

    Indian cricket team cruise to another big win to secure series victory
    India has beaten Sri Lanka in the second test of the series by an innings and 53 runs. This win gives India another series win making this eight straight series victories. The Indians secured the win...
    6 August 2017
    A. R. Choudhury
  • Driverless cars ban: Is India's decision shortsighted?

    India adopted the measure to save jobs, but driverless cars will almost certainly create far more jobs than they destroy.
    The announcement by India’s transport and highway’s minister Nitin Gadkari that he intends to ban driverless cars in that country to preserve jobs for drivers has received some well-deserved...
    26 July 2017
    M. Whittington
  • India: 30 children die in an Indian hospital over oxygen shortage

    The hospital was denied oxygen cylinder supplies after it failed to settle unpaid oxygen supply bills worth $107,000
    The lack of oxygen cylinders has resulted in the deaths of 30 children over the past two days at an Indian hospital. According to Aljazeera, the delivery of oxygen cylinders was cut as a result of...
    12 August 2017
    J. Njoroge
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