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Los Angeles home of Marilyn Monroe on sale for $6.9 million

Marilyn Monroe bought the home in Los Angeles in 1961 for less than $80,000 – it is now priced at $6.9 million
Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood legend, purchased a home for herself in Los Angeles in 1961. It was in Brentwood and was built in 1929. The actress, who was worth more than $30 million at the time, paid...
22 April 2017 -
P. Ghose

‘BioShock' and four other anticipated films are delayed once again

Hollywood filmmakers have set no release dates of five big movies, and we're eagerly waiting for these projects.
With plenty of hype and speculation continuing to swirl around the release of "BioShock," "Beetlejuice 2," "The Crow," "Lobo" and “Witchblade,” the latest word is that these films will hit a...
12 April 2017 -
Z. Khan

Hollywood movies to watch out for in May 2017

Hollywood's four most exciting movies are set for a release in May this year
Hollywood movie lovers are set for the release of some major blockbuster movies in the month of May this year. Four of the most anticipated films including "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2",...
13 April 2017 -
M. Umar
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  • ‘Designated Survivor’ abandons terrorism for gun control

    Hollywood has forgotten principle, If you want to send a message, use Twitter
    Those who have been watching “Designated Survivor,” the show about a low-level cabinet secretary who suddenly becomes president of the United States when most of the government is slaughtered when...
    13 April 2017
    M. Whittington
  • Don Rickles dead at age 90 from kidney failure

    The entertainment world has lost another great. Don Rickles has joined the list of deceased Hollywood royality in 2017.
    Legendary comedian Don Rickles has died at the age of 90 from kidney failure. Rickles passed away at his Los Angeles home on Thursday with his wife Barbara by his side. Rickles' death was confirmed by...
    6 April 2017
  • It's James Franco's birthday on April 19th

    Born in 1978, the popular Hollywood star James Franco turns 38 on April 19th.
    James Edward Franco was born on April 19th, 1978 to Betsy Lou (née Verne) and Douglas Eugene "Doug" Franco, who met as students at Stanford University. James has two brothers, Tom and Dave. He...
    18 April 2017
    M. Umar
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