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Three most successful sci-fi movies of 2016 (so far)

'Midnight Special' is an entertaining movie. You can watch it if you feel bored this weekend.
Here, we talk about this year’s most successful sci-fi movies. From alien invasions to digital wars, everything is present in a Hollywood movie to entertain you. The movies that I have discussed in...
6 December 2016 -
A. Vikram

DiCaprio loses a whopping $2 million after selling his NYC eco-apartment

DiCaprio just discovered how tough Manhattan real estate can be after he lost a cool $2 million selling his green dwelling.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-friendly two-bedroom pad in New York City is turning out to be a green albatross. DiCaprio just sold his apartment for $8 million, which is $2 million less than what he paid...
7 December 2016 -
T. Richard

Lady Gaga suffers from a mental illness

The pop star has suffered from 'post-traumatic stress disorder' (PTSD) since she was raped at 19.
Lady Gaga (30) revealed that she suffers from a mental illness called 'post-traumatic stress disorder' (PTSD), as a result of having been raped when she was 19. The pop star made this shocking...
7 December 2016 -
N. Bi
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