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Beyoncé tranforms her mansion into a $1.2 million maternity ward

The singer has recently been keeping a low profile and her exact due date is not known
Hollywood's A-list couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z have turned their mansion into a private maternity ward for the birth of their twins. Details about the delivery According to "Daily Mail," the richest...
12 June 2017 -
M. Umar

Cameron Diaz reveals truth behind her hiatus from Hollywood

The 'Annie' actress has been shying away from the spotlight since she got married two years ago.
It has been over two years since we saw Cameron Diaz on the big screen for her musical comedy-drama, "Annie," where she played the role of Miss Colleen Hannigan. After the said movie project, the...
13 June 2017 -
D. T.

Daniel Day-Lewis to quit acting after release of next film

The 60-year-old Irish actor's final film is set to hit theaters this Christmas
In a highly surprising news out of Hollywood, acclaimed actor Daniel Day-Lewis has announced his retirement from the field. After earning 3 Oscars during three different decades of his 35-year career,...
20 June 2017 -
J. Greig
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  • Julia Stiles is expecting her first child

    The 36-year-old actress got engaged to Preston J. Cook in December 2015
    American actress Julia Stiles is expecting her first child with fiance Preston J. Cook. According to "People" magazine, the actress is due later this year. The engagement of Julia Stiles and Preston...
    13 June 2017
    M. Umar
  • Demi Lovato says she regrets starting her Hollywood career at such a young age

    The beautiful singer acknowledges that she was too young when she started working in Hollywood
    Demi Lovato regrets having started working as a child. The pop star gave an interview to Susanne Daniels on Youtube and spoke about how difficult it is to be famous at a young age. If she could go...
    21 June 2017
    N. Bixx
  • Cameron Diaz addresses her hiatus from the Hollywood spotlight

    The Hollywood actress reveals reasons why she decided to take a break from her career.
    Cameron Diaz has been noticeably off from the spotlight for years. Most of her fans became curious about what was the reason behind the hiatus. In one of her latest interviews, the 44-year old...
    13 June 2017
    B. Princess
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