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Roger Federer's schedule could be a double-edged blade

The Swiss champion, the winner of 18 Grand Slam titles, is set to play several ATP events in a row
There is no doubt that the current season of men's tennis is set to amaze especially after what Australian Open put on the table. With Nadal and Federer back on the ATP Tour, the picture seems...
13 February 2017 -
C. F.

Roger Federer's career is anything but death and gone

Federer, 35, ousted every prediction or expectation with his etraordinary run at the Australian Open
Back in January, Roger Federer, a guy who seems to never get old or tired, simply decided to steal the golden pen with the sole purpose of writing his own addendum in tennis history. And what essay...
17 February 2017 -
C. F.

Roger Federer seems to never get old

Despite his age, the Swiss tennis star is living up to the expectations
The way the 2017 season of men's tennis chose to unfold its path was a huge surprise judging by the result of the first major stop of the year, the Australian Open. The first Grand Slam of the season...
19 February 2017 -
C. F.
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  • How Federer and Nadal being back at the top can inspire a new generation

    Two of the greatest players in tennis history put up a tremendous show at the Australian Open
    Tennis has always had its special taste among the other sports, but the latest Australian Open was, by a long-shot, quite surreal. Federer and Nadal made their way back to the professional tennis...
    17 February 2017
    C. F.
  • Serena Williams could lose the WTA crown this week

    Angelique Kerber, world no. 2, will hit the tennis court in Dubai while Serena will stay off the action
    By winning the Australian Open a couple of weeks ago, Serena Williams once again cemented her already unique place in tennis history. Her 23 Grand Slam singles success made her the most prolific WTA...
    20 February 2017
    C. F.
  • Roger Federer will play at least 2 more years

    The Swiss tennis star, winner of 18 Grand Slam titles, will play for few more seasons
    Some new developments in the world of tennis have put a huge smile on many people's faces. Roger Federer, the guy who never cease to amaze with his tremendous game of tennis, just revealed some of his...
    21 February 2017
    C. F.
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