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Railroading Gorsuch with the nuclear option may hold serious peril for the GOP

Gorsuch is revealed to be a far-right nominee and the nuclear option would help poison the whole GOP
Many would say that the GOP is already poisoned. It has allied itself with the far right by voting for Donald Trump, the man who listens every day to Steve Bannon whose goal is to destroy the...
3 April 2017 -
S. C. Rose

The Senate may survive but the chances aren't that great for the GOP

As the GOP capitulation on Gorsuch sinks in, the party could divide and perish.
It is the eve of the simple majority vote in the U.S. Senate for Neil Gorsuch as the definite swing vote in a SCOTUS that has the power now to enact major planks of the conservative agenda for doing...
6 April 2017 -
S. C. Rose

Rising left on FB, Christie unpopular, Trump golf lies, GOP wants Trump returns

Facebook is home to a rising left-tending movement, Christie goes low, Trump golf hypocrisy, GOP says show tax returns
Occupy Democrats and Stand Up America are the two leading political pages on Facebook, Seven of the most engaged pages on Facebook lean to the left. This is an early sign of how political movements...
16 April 2017 -
S. C. Rose
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  • Long live Obamacare: the GOP's healthcare bill is dead

    Many are wondering how this will fare for Trump's already dire approval ratings
    A week of drama and conflict closed with a bang on Friday in Washington when President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan announced they were going to pull the GOP's healthcare bill that would have repealed...
    25 March 2017
    E. Vulet
  • April could prove brutal at the polls for the Trump GOP

    House elections in April could rock the Trump GOP to its oligatchical core
    April could prove the cruelest of months for the GOP. There's Trump with his low approval rating. There's Trumpcare with its almost universal rejection, accompanied by anger at the GOP on almost every...
    11 April 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • Trumpcare may cause the GOP's 2018 downfall at the polls

    The derailed Trumpcare fiasco may be what gives Congress back to the Democrats in 2018
    Trumpcare may be the gift that keeps on giving but not to those who authored the ill-fated bill which proposed lopping 24 million Americans off the health insurance rolls. After years of GOP attacks...
    10 April 2017
    S. C. Rose
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