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Donald Trump responds to pulling health care vote, blames Dems for GOP failure

Donald Trump just went after Democrats for Republicans being unable to get enough support in their own party to pass their health care bill.
In a major blow to the White House and Republicans, the president was forced pull the Republican health care plan from a vote on the bill due to the lack of support from his own party. After the news...
24 March 2017 -
R. Sobel

Crisis of confidence: Trump battled with GOP and his own self doubt

The man known as 'the closer' couldn't seem to wrangle the GOP into control as cliffhanger vote neared
Trump put on a brave face the last few weeks in an effort to support the divisive GOP's bill to repeal Obamacare. But the New York Times reported on Friday that privately he was facing a #crisis of...
24 March 2017 -
E. Vulet

Trump goes all-in after stalled health care vote

The health care train seems to be coming to a stop as votes against it rise.
Pitching on the hill seems to be over for #President Trump as Republican leaders delayed the health care vote on Thursday. Unable to reach enough support needed to pass the bill, GOP members in...
25 March 2017 -
W. Galgalo
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