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Google acquires HTC: Will it become another Apple?

With HTC, Google acquisition direct towards greater integration between hardware and software.
One of the strengths of Apple is definitely to produce both hardware and software, and this is more noticeable in the mobile industry with the production of iPhone, iPad and the iOS operating system....
22 September 2017 -
D. Allen

Google to launch a high-end Chromebook convertible 2-in-1 called the Pixelbook

Unlike the traditional laptop design of its predecessor, the Pixelbook will be taking on the form of a 2-in-1 convertible this time around.
As Google’s upcoming hardware unveiling event draws near, more reports about possible new devices are now making their rounds online. As it stands, the company is expected to unveil its highly...
20 September 2017 -
C. Lim

Google deletes backup if device remains inactive for two weeks

A Reddit user, Tanglebrook discovered this setting in his Nexus 6P smartphone.
There might be trouble waiting for those who switch their smartphones frequently. Google provides a number of services to its Android users. A Reddit user that goes by the name of Tanglebrook...
18 September 2017 -
M. Shaw
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  • Google adds new ‘Video Reviews’ feature to Maps

    Users can now post 30 second clips to share the atmosphere of restaurants and other destinations
    Google is known for its cutting-edge technology. The company has updated its Maps with a better option. A new feature called, “Video Reviews” has been added to the service. This provides users...
    19 September 2017
    M. Shaw
  • Facebook and Google were caught selling ads on anti-Semitic tags

    An advertiser can enter anti-Semitic tags on Facebook that will attract the right category of users.
    On Facebook, it was possible to target advertising campaigns, narrowing the target audience for anti-Semitic keywords, CBS reported. When buying ads on Facebook, an advertiser can enter anti-Semitic...
    19 September 2017
    M. Asiriants
  • Google to allow blocking of auto-play videos through January 2018 update

    Google revealed that it will prevent auto-play videos with sound from playing on the Chrome browser through an update in January 2018.
    Google will take a step against auto play videos present on certain websites through its next update for the Google Chrome browser. These videos are present on many web pages and start to...
    18 September 2017
    S. P
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  • Google accidentally shuts down half of Japan’s Internet

    A Japanese newspaper reported that many operations stopped during the day the incident occurred.
    Tech company Google has shut down around half of the Internet service in Japan, because of an accidental error committed while updating IP addresses. The incident suspended online trading,...
    29 August 2017
    J. L. Agustin
  • Is Google manipulating and censoring search results?

    He who controls information, controls the world wide web in its entirety.
    Google is the world's biggest purveyor of information. This is what could allow it to be the world's biggest censor. Is that the case? Strange things, to put it that way, have been happening with the...
    8 September 2017
  • Apple plans to build an Iowa data center that fully runs with renewable energy

    The company chose Waukee, Iowa because it has minimum risk for natural disasters.
    Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently announced that the company will build two new data centers in Waukee, Iowa. The company is willing to spend $1.375 billion on its first phase. According to Apple...
    26 August 2017
    E. Morilla
  • Google now has personalized tests for clinical depression

    Depression tests, experts pointed out that there are possible discrepancies in the results.
    Google now has a tool that lets their users check if they are clinically depressed. This new tool is different for people simply researching their symptoms for this psychological condition from...
    27 August 2017
    J. L. Agustin
  • Google creates a new feature that permanently mutes annoying websites

    Google is developing an ad blocker that blocks annoying advertisements that pops up in a website.
    Google recently announced that it is developing an ad blocker for its search engine. The primary targets of the ad blocker are websites that shows annoying advertisements that automatically pops out....
    27 August 2017
    E. Morilla
  • Google updates YouTube Live streaming service

    Google updated its YouTube Live streaming service, adding certain features such as the ability to live stream through iPhones and iPads.
    YouTube Live has always been a service most suited for gamers who like to stream what they are playing with their audience. It is Google's answer to Amazon's similar streaming service, Twitch....
    8 September 2017
    S. P
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