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Street View in Google reveals interactive International Space Station

Google goes off planet for the first time allowing earthlings to explore the International Space Station, try not to get lost.
Street View in Google has revealed an interactive experience for earthlings who can now explore the International Space Station. Google went off-planet for the first time courtesy of Thomas Pesquet...
21 July 2017 -
J. Flowers

'Google Feed' officially launched to replace 'Google Now'

Google launches a new feed that keeps users updated without requiring 'friends'.
Say goodbye to “Google Now” and prepare to meet and explore “Google Feed”. The latest reinvention of the classic tech introduces a major shift in user content consumption. 'Google Feed'...
20 July 2017 -
L. D. Lim

Google launches a new job application management tool called 'Hire'

Google launched the new Hire tool for G Suite using enterprises, which would simplify the recruitment and interview process for businesses.
Google launched a job hunting initiative called Jobs a few days back. With it, anyone seeking employment can directly search for their preferred form of job through the Google search engine itself,...
20 July 2017 -
S. P
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  • Is Google Glass making a comeback?

    Google re-launched the Google Glass, but this time around the device will only be sold to the enterprises.
    Google Glass's commercial run may have ended on a sour note, but the Alphabet-owned company is now planning to release a similar device for enterprises. The Google Glass was launched back in 2013 and...
    20 July 2017
    S. P
  • Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL launches this fall, huge improvements over its predecessors

    Google’ next generation Pixels will be among the most exciting handsets this year.
    The Google Pixel could be considered to be one of the best mobile devices launched last year. The search engine giant is expected to roll out the next-gen Pixel devices, dubbed the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2...
    11 July 2017
    C. L. Cardenas
  • 'Google Keep' gets updated with undo and redo buttons.

    Google has enabled 'Google Keep' with undo and redo options with the latest update.
    "Google Keep" is a note-taking service owned by Google. It was launched on March 20, 2013, and is currently available on desktop and as apps for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. Details...
    15 July 2017
    W. Hanif
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  • Google cancels its latest phone Pixel XL 2

    Although Google sold one million Pixel phones, company changes course on phone production
    With the release of the Apple iPhone 8 just weeks away, word came that Google hired away Apple's top chip architect. The company plans to design its own chipset to gain dominance in the Android...
    25 June 2017
    J. Jarrett
  • Google to take YouTube TV to new markets in the U.S

    According to an announcement, Google plants to take YouTube TV to 10 new locations
    YouTube TV has proven to be a success for Google in the short span of time that it has existed. The TV streaming and DVR service was launched in April this year in only five cities but it seems the...
    25 June 2017
    V. Cross
  • Google Glass gets its first update in 3 years

    Google released an update for its Google Glass product after a gap of almost three years.
    As strange as it may sound, Google has just released an update for its Google Glass wearable for the first time since October of 2014. The wearable came into existence some years back and back then...
    24 June 2017
    S. P
  • Google Pixel 2, 2 XL latest leaks: specs for Walleye & Taimen detailed

    Here are the latest specs for the Google Pixel2 and Pixel2 XL which are expected to be released in fall of 2017
    The next generation of smartphone devices from the search engine tech titan dubbed as Google Pixel2 and Google Pixel2 XL is expected to be released in the fall of 2017. With summer already starting...
    25 June 2017
    A. Kishimoto
  • Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL complete details, specs, features

    Google is expected to roll out the next-gen Pixel devices in the next few months.
    While tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the official unveiling of Google's highly anticipated Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the smartphones' complete details, specs and features have mounted up on...
    4 July 2017
    C. L. Cardenas
  • Google will no longer read your e-mails

    The company took the decision with a view to rope in more corporate clients
    Advertising is one of the biggest sources of revenue for Google and has been so for a number of years. However, the company's policy of actually reading users' e-mails in order to effectively place...
    23 June 2017
    V. Cross
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