Five must-add waiver wire week 14 additions

The fantasy playoffs are here, and that makes the waiver wire even more important this week.
The fantasy playoffs are finally here and that will magnify every decision as owners struggle to decide which of their players will produce the highest outputs. In some cases, players from the waiver...
5 December 2016 -
A. Granville

Four week 12 Fantasy Football trade targets

It's getting late to make a fantasy trade, but the option is still available in some leagues.
The fantasy football season is beginning to draw to a close, but that doesn't make decisions any easier. What defenses should be started in any given week? Which players should I add from the waiver...
21 November 2016 -
A. Granville

Five crucial week 12 fantasy waiver wire additions

It's important to always improve fantasy teams on the waiver wire every week, especially with playoffs coming up.
Fantasy football is fraught with tough decisions. Which defenses do owners play in a week? Which players should owners trade for? And how do I improve my team on the waiver wire every week? The first...
21 November 2016 -
A. Granville
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    A. Granville
  • Top 10 week 13 Fantasy Football defenses

    It's getting very close to the playoffs, which magnifies every decision. Don't make a mistake with fantasy defenses here.
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    B. Whitley
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    These fantasy players have been bad enough for owners to drop them in week 10.
    Fantasy football owners are faced with a number of decisions every single week. Those decisions can determine the potential success of a fantasy football owner. And one of those decisions is what...
    11 November 2016
    A. Granville
  • Four Fantasy Football stars who should be benched in week 10

    These players might be stars, but they're not worth playing in week 10 of the season.
    There have been a few fantasy football stars who have severely underperformed this season. DeAndre Hopkins and Alshon Jeffery have been nothing short of disappointing all season long. Even...
    12 November 2016
    A. Granville
  • Top 10 week 11 Fantasy Football defenses

    It's getting close to the playoffs! Make sure that your defenses are going to put up numbers this week.
    Fantasy football defenses are tough to pick, but I do my best to make sure that you have good ones every single week. Last week we took a look at ten of the best defenses for week 10. In week 11 the...
    13 November 2016
    A. Granville
  • Four week 11 Fantasy Football trade targets

    As the fantasy playoffs draw closer, it gets even more critical to make trades that will improve your team.
    Fantasy football trades are some of the hardest things to effectively pull off. If you've been listening to my prior trade advice articles, then you would have traded for some of the best players in...
    13 November 2016
    A. Granville
  • Five must-add waiver wire fantasy additions for week 11

    As the fantasy playoffs draw closer it gets even more critical to improve your team on the waiver wire.
    As the fantasy football playoffs edge closer, decisions made on the waiver wire become even more important. Teams should be looking to improve consistently and waiver wire additions can help add depth...
    14 November 2016
    A. Granville
  • Five fantasy players who should be dropped after week 10

    Which players should owners be dropping when they look to add quality on the waiver wire?
    Fantasy football is a game fraught with multiple decisions every single week. Who should owners seek on the waiver wire? And how can owners make effective trades to improve their team in every week of...
    15 November 2016
    A. Granville
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