Fantasy Football Week 3: Starters, surprises, why Stafford and Cutler will shine

Week 3 of the fantasy football season begins tonight when the Rams and Niners face-off.
The Week 3 NFL season schedule is upon us and for fantasy football players, it is once again time to go for the gold. Already we have seen many surprise players step up and prove that on any given...
21 September 2017 -
J. Karbousky

David Johnson talks about injury, rehab, and fantasy football

The star running back of the Arizona Cardinals spoke candidly to reporters in his first interview since his injury.
David Johnson, the Arizona Cardinals' star running back, made his first public comments to the media yesterday since he suffered a wrist injury that will cause him to miss a big chunk of the season....
21 September 2017 -
G. Sousa

Choosing a fantasy football running back and possible flex player

How to find a flex player or runner for your roster in week three of the NFL season
Choosing a fantasy running back this season could be a bit difficult for you because we have so few players who are truly excelling at the position. You might have thought that David Johnson would...
21 September 2017 -
P. Hunnicutt
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    M. Shovlin
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