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Facebook and Google were caught selling ads on anti-Semitic tags

An advertiser can enter anti-Semitic tags on Facebook that will attract the right category of users.
On Facebook, it was possible to target advertising campaigns, narrowing the target audience for anti-Semitic keywords, CBS reported. When buying ads on Facebook, an advertiser can enter anti-Semitic...
19 September 2017 -
M. Asiriants

Former Facebook executive speaks the truth about social networks

Chamath Palihapitiya claims Facebook and Google are effectively surveillance states.
We have been conditioned into thinking there is nothing wrong with giving up our privacy. Governments and corporations all over the world are using personal information to spread propaganda and feed...
16 September 2017 -

Detailing Facebook's dodgy manuevers over Russian policial ads

Along with Facebook citing their prvacy policy, they denied reports about Russian ads for months before they confirmed it themselves.
Before there were reasons to go after Facebook for taking money from Russian entities to influence the 2016 presidential election, there was ISIS using the social media monster to spread propaganda....
16 September 2017 -
J. Mark
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  • Facebook gives in to privacy concerns; Instagram ‘Stories’ will be updated

    The company is expected to announce some of its most important products this year
    Instagram is becoming increasingly popular. The photo-sharing app recently surpassed its arch-rival Snapchat in terms of its consumer base. This comes across as surprising, especially because most of...
    15 September 2017
  • Facebook launches a new feature called Crisis Response

    It is a centralized hub for all the social network's crisis response tools.
    Facebook continues to deliver on its promise of upgrading its features to connect people in times of crisis/natural disasters. Today, the social network announced a new feature called Crisis Response....
    15 September 2017
  • Facebook puzzled many over Russia scandal for good reason

    Even though Facebook gave investigators Russian ads, they gave reporters, Congress and the public plenty of reasons to be critcized.
    In a series of hallway interviews with the press on Tuesday, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said that it wasn't a matter of whether the Senate Intelligence Committee he chairs would hold a hearing with...
    17 September 2017
    J. Mark
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  • Facebook working on video chat hardware codenamed Aloha

    Rumors suggest that Facebook may be working on creating its first video-chat hardware, codenamed Aloha.
    Facebook launched its original video programming service named 'Watch' recently on its social networking site. While the addition may be a simple one, it strongly indicates a shift in the company's...
    26 August 2017
    S. P
  • Facebook and Instagram both go down

    Meanwhile, folks on Twitter cackled in mischievous laughter on Saturday
    A world without Facebook and Instagram is a world nobody wants to live in. On Saturday morning, the globe descended into chaos as both of the social media sites went down. Panicked social media mavens...
    26 August 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
  • Facebook popularity among teens in the US dwindling

    Monthly teen usage of Facebook has decreased substantially in the United States, leading to the growth in usage of both Snapchat and Instagram.
    Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites when it comes to usage by teenagers. However, a new study exposes that the truth may be far from what people believe. The study reveals that...
    26 August 2017
    S. P
  • Facebook will now block ads from pages spreading fake news

    The social media giant introduced a new measure for penalizing web sites that share fabricated stories
    Facebook continues its efforts to fix fake news problems. On Monday, the social network announced a new measure targeting Facebook Pages that share fabricated news articles. The company will impose a...
    29 August 2017
  • Facebook Watch tab rolling out now

    Facebook rolled out its Watch tab for its users based in the United States.
    Facebook introduced the concept of Watch tab on its platform at the end of August 2017. The Watch tab is a separate video viewing hub that the social media platform has introduced for its users to...
    9 September 2017
    A. Mantri
  • Facebook tests new stealth application in China

    Facebook opens new application to China with Chinese entrpreneurship stealthily.
    According to the New York Times, Facebook has managed to sneak into China and has started a photo sharing application named Colorful Balloons in the country. Facebook has been officially blocked in...
    26 August 2017
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