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Syrian refugee attacks Facebook for spreading false information

A Syrian refugee in Germany has hired a legal arm against the tech giant Facebook
A Syrian refugee in Germany has hired a legal arm against the tech giant Facebook. Anas Modamani wants to force the social network to censor the diversions of his "selfie" with Angela Merkel,...
20 February 2017 -
S. . Keerthi

Will Mark Zuckerberg become the youngest President of the US?

The founder of Facebook could become the next President if he wants to
The world is a strange place and aspirations can reach astronomical heights. Mark Zuckerberg (32), the founder of Facebook, is no exception because his recent activities lend credence to the...
20 February 2017 -
P. Ghose

Donald Trump praises Kuwait on social media for creating their own 'Muslim ban'

Donald Trump is thrilled that another country is following in his footsteps and enacting their own version of a "Muslim ban."
Since being sworn in as the new president just under two weeks ago, Donald Trump has made drastic changes in how the United States does business. The most controversial has arguably been his "Muslim...
2 February 2017 -
R. Sobel
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  • Battlefield Facebook and the new reality of politics

    A social platform born to give university students a social medium has now become an international political battle field
    When Mark Zuckerberg and his friends invented #Facebook as an online method for their fellow students at Harvard University little did they dream that not only would it make their fortune, but that...
    5 February 2017
    G. (. Pezzano
  • Facebook to enter the television arena soon

    Mark Zuckerberg sees new grounds for expansion in introducing apps to watch FB video on TV micro-consoles
    By now everything that can be said about the rise of THE Social Network that is Facebook has been stated and repeated over and over again, from its humble beginnings in the mid-2000’s to its...
    14 February 2017
  • Facebook posts impressive fourth-quarter earnings

    The company is inching closer to having 2 billion active monthly users.
    Facebook recently posted its most recent quarterly earnings data, unveiling an impressive end to fiscal 2016. The results showed that the website is still among the leaders of the social media...
    1 February 2017
    K. Utermohlen
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