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China bans Facebook's WhatsApp as internet freedom suppression continues

Following the censorship of Winnie-the-Pooh on Chinese social media, China has reportedly blocked the messaging app WhatsApp.
The suppression of internet freedom seemed to have intensified in China. In fact, the Chinese government has reportedly blocked Facebook's messaging app, WhatsApp. The latest censorship came days...
19 July 2017 -
K. Belonio

Fake Jayden K. Smith hack: Facebook goes crazy over warnings

Everyone is posting all about how you shouldn't add this person as a friend.
If you are on Facebook at all, then you have seen all of the posts about how Jayden K. Smith is going to hack you and that you need to be careful. Funny thing is, this is actually Will Smith's son's...
10 July 2017 -
M. Robinson

Facebook allowed to track users browsing, says court decision

A lawsuit was recently filed against the social media platform for browser tracking when users are logged out.
A lawsuit was recently filed against the social media company Facebook. The lawsuit claimed that the California-based headquarters of the company had access to private information of Facebook users....
4 July 2017 -
L. O. C. Desmond
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  • Ads are coming to Facebook Messenger

    Following promising test results, social network will introduce targeted advertising to small percentage of global users.
    In this age of countless mobile messaging apps that pop up in app stores like daisies, existing messaging platforms need to do more cool stuff with every update they undergo in order to keep their...
    11 July 2017
  • Facebook camera will allow users to create GIFs

    The social networking site's in-built camera app will now allow users to create GIFs.
    Facebook, following the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, is focusing on its in-app camera by extending filters and frames for its users to use and make "Facebook stories" similar to Snapchat and...
    18 July 2017
    A. Mantri
  • Facebook is building a new town and community

    The social media company that brings us together online is now taking a turn at real life connections
    Two years ago, Facebook moved into its new location at Menlo Park California. Since then the company has been exploring many different projects. One of which includes a real life community located...
    7 July 2017
    L. O. C. Desmond
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  • Florida woman shot dead after posting about her success on Facebook

    Makeva Jenkins' family believes she was murdered because of her recent Facebook post, talking of going from homelessness to six-figure success.
    Hours before she was shot and killed in her home, 33-year-old Makeva Jenkins, of Lake Worth, Florida, wrote on her Facebook page to proudly announce she had gone from being homeless to achieving...
    30 June 2017
    A. Sewell
  • Apple challenges Facebook over message bots

    iPhone 8 features a messenger that will likely challenge Facebook's messenger.
    Apple is taking on top online corporations in a big way. First, the mega corporation is challenging Google and Amazon in the audio department with its Siri speakers. Next, Apple plans to develop a...
    25 June 2017
    J. Jarrett
  • Facebook confirms new app for video creators

    Facebook announced that it would soon release a new app which would improve the features of video creators using Facebook Mentions.
    Facebook revealed that it would release a new app meant for people who create a lot of videos for the social networking sites. The company officials confirmed the launch of the app at the annual...
    27 June 2017
    S. P
  • Facebook has officially hit two billion monthly users

    CEO Mark Zuckerberg is thrilled that Facebook is the largest social network in the world.
    CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post on Tuesday, June 27 that Facebook has officially hit a major milestone. It now has two billion monthly users. That number makes Facebook the largest social...
    27 June 2017
    M. Minnicks
  • New details regarding upcoming shows from Facebook revealed

    The social media platform will be employing different strategies in comparison to its competitors.
    There is no doubt that big brands now firmly believe that the television medium is the place to be over the upcoming decade. We have already seen Amazon make a big splash in the world of...
    29 June 2017
    R. Poonja
  • Facebook has stepped in to fight terrorism

    Facebook will employ an artificial intelligence software to monitor extremist content.
    Facebook's officials have announced that the social network will use an artificial intelligence software to help identify and eliminate extremist messages, according to The New York Times. The company...
    22 June 2017
    L. Craciun
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