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Trump and the Butterfly Effect

In a world that is always more interconnected all citizens must realize that any political or economic decision will always affect other countries.
Recently I almost regretted answering a comment on Facebook regarding Donald Trump the Republican. The person then replied, “please tell me why people that arnt(sic) even americans try to give there...
2 January 2017 -
G. (. Pezzano

Special needs teenager tortured and mutilated on a Facebook Live in Chicago

The 18-year-old victim is believed to have been held captive for two days before release.
Four people have been arrested over a Facebook Live video in which a special needs teenager was held hostage and tortured at knife-point. What happened within the controversial video? Reportedly, the...
5 January 2017 -
J. Witiw

Facebook joins 17 technology universities for upcoming projects

Secret technology projects between Facebook and North American universities.
The Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg has decided to enhance his company's portfolio by joining forces with 17 technology Universities to discuss upcoming projects. A few of the well-known institutions...
4 January 2017 -
M. Waterman
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  • Four African Americans kidnap and torture white special needs man in Chicago

    Racially and politically motivated hate crime presents a problem for the media and political class
    The bare facts of what is likely to be one of the most shocking hate crime in recent memory are known. Four African Americans in Chicago kidnapped and held a white special needs man, tied and gagged...
    5 January 2017
    M. Whittington
  • Latest social media stats and usage

    Social media insights, data and percent usage in the United States - specifically what has happened and where it is likely to evolve next
    Social media has continued to grow in adoption and the same could be said about the advancements in technology. In spite of all of the sophistication and increased integration into all the different...
    18 January 2017
    A. Carranza
  • Zuckerberg for President in 2020?

    Reports suggest that Mark Zuckerberg has his eye on the 2020 presidency
    On January 3rd Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to announce that he planned to “have visited and met people in every state in the US by the end of the year.” He went on to comment that “my hope...
    12 January 2017
    R. Tyers
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