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Facebook stands to gain as Snapchat struggles

As Snapchat struggles to survive, Facebook cements itself as a digital powerhouse.
After a recent roadshow by Snap Inc failed to satisfy investors (many of which expressed concern for the media giant's prospects), Snapchat's future has been surrounded by an atmosphere of uncertainty...
12 March 2017 -
D. Moore

Facebook Is Getting Serious About Streaming Live Video Contents.

Live streaming is going to become revenue-generating business for Facebook in future.
Facebook Live Facebook has found out that going live for various events can be profitable for the company and increase its revenues. Facebook is thinking about getting into professional live...
16 March 2017 -
S. Briony

SNAP-FB comparisons raised as stock sells off

Though SNAP stock closed 15 percent above its $17 IPO price today, shares have fallen by more than 33 percent since topping on March 3, at $29.44.
Shares of Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) were sold on the New York Stock Exchange today, falling $0.35, or by 1.76 percent. Today's close remains 15 percent above the March 1 Snap initial public offering...
17 March 2017 -
S. Sinclair
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  • Facebook founder to do Harvard commencement speech

    Mark Zuckerberg to also receive honorary degree from university, which he dropped out of
    Dedicated internet denizens or at least anybody who may have watched the (not entirely historically accurate) 2010 bio-pic “The Social Network” would know one fact about Facebook founder Mark...
    8 March 2017
  • Fake news being tackled by Facebook

    The social media giant, Facebook launches tool to flag bogus news stories.
    Anyone who is a fan of Facebook, and real and actual news stories, has a reason to rejoice today because Facebook has taken steps to combat what has been called fake news, in order to provide its 1.86...
    8 March 2017
    R. Bhatia
  • Facebook rolls out Town Hall to help reach out to local politicians

    Zuckerberg's team is delivering on his promise to come up with a way to build a more civic community that goes 'beyond voting'.
    Facebook has launched "Town Hall", a new feature to connect with your local US government officials. This feature is part of a series of new additions to the mobile app that have been gradually...
    18 March 2017
    L. Fuad
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  • Facebook wants to identify and help users who are considering suicide

    Facebook began using artificial intelligence to identify users who are suicidal and help them.
    The social network Facebook has started using artificial intelligence to identify users who have suicidal tendencies, according to BBC News. The company has develop algorithms to identify users who...
    3 March 2017
    L. Craciun
  • Facebook's Oculus is too expensive

    Very few Oculus units have been sold by Facebook, forcing prices to come down
    The world of virtual reality headsets is expanding so rapidly, that not even the former leader of the pack, Facebook's Oculus, can keep up. Facebook, who owns Oculus VR, has admitted that consumers...
    3 March 2017
    A. Bhatia
  • Suicide-Prevention is Facebook's new focus

    Facebook focuses on reporting methods for viewers during HD live streams.
    Facebook has recently begun rolling out new methods of reporting in order to create better suicide-prevention. The reports will be answered in a timelier manner for the safety of the person that may...
    1 March 2017
    A. Bhatia
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