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Even more people are fired at ESPN

Find out which reporters and columnists got handed their pink slips today.
As everyone now knows, the giant employee purge has been underway at ESPN, with many notable on-air hosts, analysts, and reporters being handed pink slips. With a recap of the on-air talent already...
28 April 2017 -
G. Sousa

Marc Stein learns fate during ESPN layoffs

The basketball reporter is one of the best at breaking news in the business.
Marc Stein is one of the most prominent NBA reporters in sports journalism. He has been with ESPN seemingly since the dawn of the sport, or at least the dawn of the company. Between his reporting of...
28 April 2017 -
H. Walter-Warner

Overstaffed? ESPN layoff list seems more like missing persons bulletin

A few names are well-known, but most appear to have done nothing memorable
I'm a lifelong sports fan -- let's get that on the table right away. I like to see professional athletes do great what I've tried my whole life to do . . . well, not great. I admit it -- I watched the...
28 April 2017 -
N. Salant
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  • The employee purge is underway at ESPN

    The past few days saw the 'Worldwide Leader' hand out pink-slips to around 100 employees
    It has been known for a while in the sports world that those looming layoffs at ESPN would be happening soon and now they have. ESPN started handing out pink-slips to some of their more notable...
    28 April 2017
    G. Sousa
  • ESPN axes long running radio show 'Mike & Mike'

    Plus, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has agreed to join the network after the NBA Draft
    Almost a month ago, a massive employee purge of around 100 ESPN employees took place. Between April 24 and 28 the worldwide leader in sports fired many notable reporters, anchors and personalities. In...
    17 May 2017
    G. Sousa
  • Green Bay Packers offseason graded by ESPN

    According to Bill Barnwell, some things went right and some things went wrong
    With the Green Bay Packers offseason coming to a close and preseason activities starting to ramp up, prognosticators from around the NFL are evaluating how their offseason went. ESPN is no exception,...
    19 May 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
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  • ESPN guts hockey coverage during NHL playoffs

    The company's layoffs display a decreasing focus on hockey going forward.
    ESPN already struggled to focus on hockey in the eyes of some. As their looming layoffs finally came to fruition on Wednesday, however, it appeared the company was ready to move on from the sport...
    26 April 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
  • Long list of ESPN employees disappear

    The media giant, faced with a lack of profits, has been forced to fire many employees.
    ESPN brands itself as "the worldwide leader in sports." Today, the organization lost a lot of people who had helped keep that brand alive. On air personalities and other reporters for the organization...
    26 April 2017
    A. Granville
  • ESPN personalities react to layoffs

    Most of the fired writers took to Twitter to announce the news with graciousness
    ESPN underwent a drastic change on Wednesday, firing a number of well-known television, radio, and writing personalities in a series of layoffs. While many were upset about being fired, reactions from...
    27 April 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
  • Andy Katz gets the late boot from ESPN

    The veteran college basketball reporter will be much sought after following his layoff.
    Andy Katz wasn't spared from the layoffs that shook up the sports journalism world on Wednesday. As ESPN downsized, their veteran college basketball reporter was one of the last people reported to...
    27 April 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
  • ESPN lays-off dozens of recognizable personalities

    One of the talents of ESPN that you know might be one of the unfortunate ones to get laid off.
    Wednesday was a forgettable day for a number of journalists and others on-air talents as dozens of them were laid off by ESPN, according to a report by New York Times. ESPN losing its audience The...
    27 April 2017
    X. Juliano
  • Bob Iger explains all regarding ESPN layoffs

    Disney CEO talks about sports network's cost-cutting measures for first time during company earnings call
    Although the fact has already happened, it only took until now for questions to be asked of Disney with regards to the layoffs done at the cable sports channel ESPN, which it jointly owns. They were...
    10 May 2017
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