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The end game at the North Dakota pipeline draws nigh

Winter is coming and the activists must clear out or they will freeze to death
The protests against the oil pipeline in North Dakota near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is about to reach its end game. Whether that ending results in farce or tragedy largely depends on how...
4 December 2016 -
M. Whittington

Newt Gingrich decodes Trump’s climate remarks on 'Fox & Friends'

Trump loyalist Newt Gingrich explained the President-elect’s position on climate change after a puzzling NY Times interview
This morning on "Fox & Friends," Newt Gingrich decoded President-elect Donald Trump’s climate comments from a New York Times interview yesterday. During the nearly two hour-long interview, Trump...
23 November 2016 -
T. Richard

Retired professor predicts mass human extinction from climate change in 10 years

A top biologist says the human race will soon become extinct and we should accept the inevitability of our demise
A retired University of Arizona professor said the human race is heading toward a sixth mass extinction event and it’s right around the corner. Guy McPherson, a biologist and professor emeritus of...
30 November 2016 -
T. Richard
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  • Trump’s top environmentalist says greens should deal with urgent issues, not climate

    Donald Trump’s environmental advisor thinks greens should focus on current problems and stop fixating on the climate.
    One of Donald Trump’s top environmental advisors has a message for anxious green groups: Relax. Ed Russo, who has worked for Trump since 2001 as an environmental consultant, has been getting calls...
    28 November 2016
    T. Richard
  • Standing Rock horses get vet assistance from 900 miles away

    A veterinarian made a long trip to help injured horses, remains on standby.
    While the clash between the water protectors and the police is sure to cause injuries to humans, the horses that are vital to the reservation are not immune to injuries either. When Veterinarian...
    28 November 2016
    D. Thacker
  • California says no belching, farting cows wanted

    State plans to put regulation in place to control methane gas output from livestock.
    If Governor Jerry Brown, of California, has his way, the state will smell a whole lot better in the coming years. A Fox 5 news report says that Brown signed legislation back in September that targeted...
    30 November 2016
    D. Thacker
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  • Obama on Dakota Access: let it play out for several more weeks

    President Obama reportedly told MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnel that he intends to “let it play out for several more weeks” on Dakota Access.
    “Indian Country Today” reports on the question of the Dakota Access pipeline President Obama reportedly told NBC's Lawrence O'Donnel, “We’re monitoring this closely, and you know I think that...
    6 November 2016
    M. Barkhausen
  • A scholarly analysis of the recent Army Corps statement on #NODAPL

    The following is a critical scholarly analysis of the recent Army Corp statement on Dakota Access
    It is certainly positive that construction on the Dakota Access pipeline is temporarily stalled by a recent statement of the US Army Corps of Engineers, but the statement should be taken with a grain...
    20 November 2016
    M. Barkhausen
  • Armed Dakota Access pipeline worker discovered among peaceful water protectors

    Water protectors and Bureau of Indian Affairs police discovered an armed Dakota Access pipeline worker among peaceful water protectors.
    “The Young Turks” reports that water protectors and Bureau of Indian Affairs (B.I.A.) police discovered a Dakota Access pipeline worker armed with an AR-15 rifle among water protectors. His name...
    6 November 2016
    M. Barkhausen
  • No Atlantic Coast Pipeline: allied indigenous nations of the east march on #NOACPL

    The proposed Atlantic Coast pipeline threatens sites of religious, cultural, historical and archaeological significance to indigenous peoples.
    On November 19th, hundreds marched against the Atlantic Coast pipeline. The pipeline threatens the Environment. It would carry natural gas from what the settler colonial society calls West Virginia to...
    22 November 2016
    M. Barkhausen
  • The neoconservative fascist assault on the right of peaceable public assembly

    Washington State Republican Senator Doug Ericksen is crafting a bill to criminalize political dissent against fossil fuel interests in the state
    The abuses of the state's police power that are being allowed under Obama's neoliberal regime are atrocious. Peaceful demonstrators are; maced, beaten with batons, attacked by dogs, stripped naked and...
    17 November 2016
    M. Barkhausen
  • President Obama; stop pardoning turkeys and free Leonard Peltier

    President Obama, the man who made innumerable promises on the campaign trail to native people, now busily distracts from Dakota Access.
    The Juice Media posted a video montage to its Facebook page of all of President Obama's promises to indigenous peoples contrasted with images of horrific Police Brutality committed against indigenous...
    23 November 2016
    M. Barkhausen
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