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States ask court to block latest rule in Obama’s regulatory arsenal

Over a dozen states have asked a U.S. District Court to stop an environmental rule that would finally destroy coal country.
The Obama administration’s “war on coal” rages on with its latest salvo that forbids coal mines from setting off-site debris near streams or rivers. Called the Stream Protection Rule (SPR), it...
18 January 2017 -
T. Richard

Iceberg: Antarctic ice sheet poised to break away endangering remaining shelf

The soon-to-be iceberg titled Larsen C, could destabilize the ice shelf.
A gigantic chunk of ice the size of Delaware is hanging by a sliver in the Antarctic and once it breaks away and drifts free scientists said the entire remaining shelf could be in danger of...
6 January 2017 -
J. Sammon

Russia carried out disinformation campaign against oil and gas frackiing

Anti-fracking environmentalists have some explaining to do since they may be serving Putin's interests
Around the same time that the federal government’s intelligence community reported that Russia ran an operation attempting to influence the outcome of the 2016 election for Donald Trump, it has been...
7 January 2017 -
M. Whittington
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  • Mass. judge tells ExxonMobil to provide docs to attorney general

    A Massachusetts' judge told ExxonMobil to hand over documents in an investigation led by Attorney General Maura Healey.
    A Suffolk Superior Court judge has ordered #ExxonMobil to turn over documents to Massachusetts’ Attorney General Maura Healey related to a partisan, multi-state investigation. The state charges the...
    12 January 2017
    T. Richard
  • National Parks Conservation Association Highlight Stories of Survivors

    Individuals fight against odds, use national parks for survival and push for their protection
    The National Parks Conservation Association has chosen several individuals with inspirational stories to show how American parks can help those who need to survive. The people have taken steps to...
    11 January 2017
    L. Harris
  • London exceeds yearly air pollution limit just five days into 2017

    Brixton Road, London reached its annual air pollution limit for 2017 by January 6th
    When Elizabeth II was yet to be crowned Queen and Winston Churchill still stood as Prime Minister of England, a thick smoky fog lay over London for three days. In 1952 The Great Smog covered the...
    9 January 2017
    R. Tyers
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  • China won’t classify CO2 as a pollutant in new environment law

    After 20 cities went on high smog alert, China rolled out an environment law taxing pollutants, and carbon dioxide was excluded.
    China’s highest legislative body rolled out a new environment tax targeting companies that emit a variety of air pollutants, yet they declined to list carbon dioxide. The new law comes after 20...
    26 December 2016
    T. Richard
  • Wisconsin DNR drops climate change from its site, media storm ensues

    The Department of Natural Resources has removed from its site any language that humans and CO2 are behind global warming.
    The Wisconsin DNR is getting flak for updating its site and removing any reference to climate change. Rather, the Department of Natural Resources site writes the Earth has been going through changes...
    29 December 2016
    T. Richard
  • Bone-chilling temps sink to -80 degrees F in Siberia, shattering records

    It’s freezing in western Siberia and even Santa's reindeer are looking for ways to stay warm.
    Western Siberia is currently stuck in a mini Ice Age as temperatures plummeted to nearly -80 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking all previous cold records. And meteorologists say that even icier weather is...
    22 December 2016
    T. Richard
  • The mysterious Ghost Shark appears in the depths of the ocean

    The Ghost Shark is a rare and elusive deep-sea organism that was finally filmed for the first time in the water.
    The Ghost Shark (Pointy-nosed blue chimaera) has a lifeless appearance, and black eyes void of light, it is hard to imagine that the organism is a real living animal. However, contrary to the belief...
    24 December 2016
    T. Williams
  • Obama creates two more monuments, angering locals and tribal members

    Despite fierce opposition from locals, Obama seizes 1.65 million acres of territory from Utah and Nevada using Antiquities Act.
    In another eleventh-hour regulation, President Obama has created two new national monuments covering 1.65 million acres, much to the chagrin of local tribal members and the people of Utah. The area...
    29 December 2016
    T. Richard
  • Fierce fire razes down property in Rombo, Kajiado County, Kenya on Christmas day

    Rombo residents say not a single fire fighting engine or equipment has ever been sighted in the area or the immediate neighboring markets
    A fierce fire has on December, 25. 2016 gutted down property worth of millions of shillings in Kajiado County's Rombo trading center. The raging fire believed to have been sparked by an electric fault...
    26 December 2016
    N. Waigwa
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