Seven Electoral College voters have announced they will not be voting for Donald Trump

Historically, they do not have much of a chance of changing the outcome of the election.
A “faithless elector” campaign has been announced within the Electoral College, with seven electors announcing they will not be voting for Trump. Who is going against the state-promised votes?...
3 December 2016 -
J. Witiw

Jill Stein calls for election recount

The Green Party candidate wants voting results re-examined in key swing states.
Since the election of Donald Trump as president just over two weeks ago, many around the country have contested his victory, particularly on the grounds that Hillary Clinton dominated him in the...
23 November 2016 -
H. Walter-Warner

Democrats argue over what went wrong

Politicians always argue about how they lost an Election and how to change. It's just the natural Election Cycle.
Losing party again wonders how they lost Members of the Democratic party are coming up with their own theories about how their candidate lost the 2016 presidential election. People probably remember...
19 November 2016 -
J. Bunner
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