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Disney's 'Descendants 2' breaks records with 13 million viewers

The success of "Descendants 2" has fans wondering if Disney will push through with "Descendants 3."
The sequel for Disney's hit original movie, "Descendants," premiered last night and was simulcast on six different networks - Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney ABC-Siblings ABC, Freeform, Lifetime and...
23 July 2017 -
T. Zamora

'Frozen 2' update: It will be emotional, hilarious, and beautiful, says Disney

Disney is keeping things under wraps regarding the next 'Frozen' sequel.
During the recently concluded D23 Expo, Disney took center stage and discussed upcoming films fans should look forward to. However, "Frozen 2," still lacks an official update. Although Disney gave the...
20 July 2017 -
K. Suarez

Disney pushes ‘Mulan’ live action to 2019 for ‘Nutcracker’ remake

The Disney warrior Mulan makes way as ballerina Clara is set for release in 2018.
Disney announced that the release of the live action remake of “Mulan” will be pushed back to 2019. This is to make way for the adaptation of another Disney classic, the “The Nutcracker and the...
18 July 2017 -
L. D. Lim
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  • D23 information round-up, what we know

    A summarization and documentation of the famous 3 day Disney convention.
    D23 is the biggest Disney fan convention in the world, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it this past weekend. Disney uses the biennial event to announce new films, shows, and theme park...
    20 July 2017
    K. N. Jimenez
  • Disney facing major backlash over 'Aladdin' casting

    Disney has cast a non-Arab actress to play Princess Jasmine and fans are not happy.
    Disney announced a while ago that they were going to be making a live action version of the movie "Aladdin." This year saw the release of another Disney classic "Beauty and the Beast" and ever since...
    19 July 2017
    L. O. C. Desmond
  • Disney criticized for casting Naomi Scott in ‘Aladdin’

    Naomi Scott is set to play Jasmine in 'Aladdin,' but fans seem to be unhappy with Disney's decision.
    Disney Studios has drawn criticism from its fans for casting Naomi Scott as Jasmine in its upcoming remake of “Aladdin.” Guy Ritchie is reportedly directing the live action adaptation, but the...
    19 July 2017
    S. Terris
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  • Jonathan Groff shares update on 'Frozen 2'

    Jonathan Groff, who gave his voice to Kristoff, reveals voice work for 2019 'Frozen' sequel will start soon.
    It has been three years since Disney unleashed it on cinemas and children all over the world and it seems one still can't quite let go of 'Frozen' and all spin-off media connected to it. It is...
    6 July 2017
  • Disney criticized over Jasmine casting in 'Aladdin' remake

    Disney’s pick for the role of Jasmine in Aladdin remake received negative reaction from fans.
    Disney concludes the search for Aladdin after naming Mena Massoud as the new face of the iconic title role. As promised, after choosing the actor to fill in Aladdin's shoes, the film makers have also...
    17 July 2017
    L. D. Lim
  • U.S. Postal Service dedicates 20 Forever Stamps to Disney Villains

    Villains immortalized as U.S. Postal Service release Disney themed Forever Stamps.
    U.S. Postal Services releases special stamps that give tribute to Disney’s iconic villains. The stamps have been created to honor the pioneers behind Walt Disney Studio’s Ink & Paint...
    18 July 2017
    L. D. Lim
  • Disney to remove 'wenches auction' from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride

    Starting with Paris version, all 'Pirates' attractions will have 'wench auction' scene replaced by pirates auctioning loot.
    Nobody could have expected that a themed ride in Disneyland could spawn a multi-billion-dollar film franchise like 'Pirates of the Caribbean', but it did. It has gotten to the point that the movie...
    3 July 2017
  • 'Aladdin': the new cast of Disney's remake announced

    Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and Will Smith are the new cast of Disney's Aladdin
    The remake of "Aladdin" has come into the news as Disney announced the new cast of the characters of Aladdin, Jasmin, and Genie. The new cast of Disney's Aladdin characters will include Naomi Scott,...
    16 July 2017
    T. Riaz
  • 'Raven's Home' Disney sequel starring Raven Symone

    The trailer for the new Disney show has dropped and Raven is introducing fans to her family.
    Raven Symone rose to fame on the Disney Channel show "That's So Raven" playing hilarious teen psychic Raven Baxter. The show ran for four years from 2003 until 2007. The show already had a spin-off...
    25 June 2017
    L. O. C. Desmond
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