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‘Star Wars: Episode 9’: will it be the end of trilogies and 'Skywalker Saga?'

As everyone knows that 'Star Wars' is not yet ending, Lucasfilm and Disney might produce another standalone movies.
Although its production has not yet started, it looks like “Star Wars: Episode 9” is going to face a big problem. The movie’s ninth episode has been placed quite oddly as the final chapter of...
25 April 2017 -
B. Potts

'Dancing With the Stars' season 24 'Disney Night' song complete list revealed

On Monday, 'Dancing with the Stars season 24 returns with a magical episode. Here's the complete "Disney Night" song list.
"Dancing With the Stars" season 24 remaining celebrities get to live a fairy tale as "Disney Night" takes over the show on Monday, April 17. The nine celebrities left will be Disney princes and...
15 April 2017 -
D. Tan

Disney confirms the release of ‘Mulan’ and three other remakes

It is an exciting list of Disney's upcoming movies, and we expect the films will break the records
With the wild success of “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney confirms the release of “Mulan,” “Peter Pan,” “Cruella,” and “Tinker Bell.” In recent years, the studio has released...
5 April 2017 -
Z. Khan
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  • ‘Dancing With The Stars’ spoilers: Disney night!

    The popular ABC dance show celebrated Mickey Mouse and his friends in a special episode
    Tonight, ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” celebrated all things, Disney. Each couple chose a song from a favorite Disney movie to dance to, making everyone in America feel like a kid again. The...
    17 April 2017
    S. Turano
  • Disney releases new details about ‘Wreck-it Ralph 2’

    The sequel has been titled ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’, receives a release date.
    When “Wreck-it Ralph” was first released by Disney it received a lot of hype and attention by fans of pop-culture because the animated film found a novel way of tying together some of the most...
    29 March 2017
    R. Poonja
  • Bella Thorne is looking for a girlfriend

    The former Disney star hates being single and confessed that she likes Kristen Stewart.
    Bella Thorne, 19, wants to date a girl. The teen star gave an interview to Harper's Bazaar magazine where she talked about fame, love and life. The actress came out as bisexual last year, so it's not...
    13 April 2017
    N. Bixx
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