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Disney faces lawsuit over accusations of copying 'Zootopia' from rejected pitch

Disney intends to fight the suit in court, according to a spokesperson's statement.
Disney is facing a lawsuit concerning their animated film, "Zootopia." According to reports, the complaint alleges that the film copied from another writer who had reportedly pitched the film to...
21 March 2017 -
J. Witiw

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' opening sequence leaked online, Luke and Rey meet

'Star Wars' fans have been given detailed information regarding the opening sequence of the film.
Disney shareholders and journalists gathered in Denver, Colorado last night and were among some of the first people on the planet to witness for themselves the opening sequence and selected short...
9 March 2017 -
J. Schulze

‘Beauty and the Beast’ gay character inclusion causes theater to cancel showings

Disney’s first openly gay character is making a lot of waves within the community.
Fans of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” recently learned LeFou, the sidekick to villain Gaston, was slated to be the very first openly gay Disney character. In fact, the director of the...
3 March 2017 -
T. Faulkner
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  • Disney teases shots from 2018 'Mary Poppins' sequel

    Photo of Emily Blunt in costume as Julie Andrews' role as magical nanny made public.
    Any movie buff who has watched movie musicals as far back as the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s would certainly know of Disney’s “Mary Poppins”. Based on the books of Australian-British novelist P.L....
    6 March 2017
  • 'Beauty and the Beast' theme premieres music video

    Epic set design, CGI and cameos from the movie characters spice up Arianna Grande-John Legend rendition
    Disney’s hyping like crazy as the days count down to the release of “Beauty and the Beast,” the live-action remake of the original 1991 animated film. There were trailers, teases of the musical...
    7 March 2017
  • 'Beauty and the Beast' director acknowledges a character as 'gay'

    Villain sidekick LeFou may have conflicting feelings about being Gaston and being 'with' Gaston
    Now it’s just roughly two weeks before Disney invites everybody to be a “guest” on the premiere of their live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast”. Trailers and teasers have sampled...
    3 March 2017
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  • Disney's live-action 'Mulan' will not be a musical, says director

    Director Niki Caro revealed details of the upcoming remake amid interviews for latest film.
    Disney fans have finally been given a sprinkling of details on the long-awaited "Mulan" live-action remake. The news comes at an excellent time for the studio as Disney's latest live-action release...
    19 March 2017
    J. Greig
  • Russia is considering banning 'Beauty and the Beast' because of a gay character

    Russia hasn't done so yet, but the country is thinking about banning 'Beauty and the Beast' because of a gay character.
    Russia hasn't done so yet, but the country is thinking about banning "Beauty and the Beast" from being shown any place in the country, according to BBC News. The Disney film stands to break Russia's...
    5 March 2017
    M. Minnicks
  • New 'As Told by Emoji' Disney video abridges 'Moana'

    First video of season 3 for 'ATBE' features 4-minute wackiness in recent Oscar nominee retelling.
    One telltale sign of just how massive Disney really is would be the sheer amount of promotions they can do for different things all at the same time. Take for instance Disney Consumer Products (DCP),...
    8 March 2017
  • Gay character prances onto Disney screen

    Early backlash over new plot twist may derail expected box office bonanza.
    Walt Disney Studios has crossed the line. The movie company will be releasing “Beauty and the Beast” in theaters on March 17, 2017. This beloved fairytale has been much anticipated by children and...
    5 March 2017
    P. K. N. Brown
  • Disney CEO defends position in Trump economic council

    Bob Iger fields questions about presidential forum, refuses to resign place and denies ABC and ESPN anti-Trump bias
    Much has been said about the various CEOs of major American businesses finding themselves being appointed by President Donald Trump as members in some committee or other. Names such as Ike Perlmutter...
    9 March 2017
  • Disney creates a room that can wirelessly charge several of your devices

    Disney designed a room where you can charge more than 300 devices together.
    Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. The only problem we face with smartphones is that they suck battery power rapidly. Though charging with cable is a good solution, keeping phones...
    24 February 2017
    N. Ng
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