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Is ‘The Originals’ going to be new tonight, April 21, 2017?

When will a new episode of 'The Originals' season 4 air on the CW network?
Are you a fan of “The Originals?” Do you want to know when the next new episode of season 4 is going to air? There are many wondering if it will be on April 21, 2017. The CW has postponed numerous...
21 April 2017 -
L. Gunn

Is ‘Reign’ new tonight, April 21, 2017?

Will the CW air a new episode of 'Reign' season 4 on Friday, April 21?
There are many people looking forward to the next new episode of “Reign” season 4. It’s the final season and things are certainly heating up in Mary’s Scottish court. Will that new episode air...
21 April 2017 -
L. Gunn

Four things fans want to see before ‘Reign’ ends [Spoilers]

'Reign' may be ending, but it will always be in fans' hearts, as long as these things happen.
“Reign” season 4 is the last. There is no denying that. In fact, the CW has now confirmed that the series finale of the show will air on June 16, 2017. That means that there are less than two...
20 April 2017 -
L. Gunn
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  • 'The Originals' season 5 stands a chance of renewal [Spoilers]

    Fans continue to hope that 'The Originals' will be picked up for another season, but what do the ratings say?
    There is a chance of “The Originals” season 5 being picked up by the CW at the moment. This is despite the very low season 4 premiere ratings two weeks ago. Last week’s ratings showed a...
    27 March 2017
    L. Gunn
  • When will ‘The 100’ season 4 return to the CW? [Spoilers]

    'The 100' is taking a short break, but here are the details about its return to the network.
    “The 100” fans are understandably annoyed. The show wasn’t on again this week, and it’s left some confused about when it will be back. Is this a sign that “The 100” season 4 is doomed?...
    7 April 2017
    L. Gunn
  • 'Supergirl' Season 2: trailer and spoilers episode 17

    Episode 17 'Supergirl': Alex meets Maggie’s ex-girlfriend; Lynda Carter returns as President Marsdin.
    Episode 17 of "Supergirl" Season 2 will show Alex as she and Maggie meet Maggie’s former girlfriend, Emily. In the meantime, Lynda Carter of "Wonder Woman" character is introduced to return to the...
    25 March 2017
  • Is ‘The 100’ new tonight, April 19, 2017?

    'The 100' remains on its month-long break, but here's a look at news for the future.
    “The 100” season 4 continues to shine on the CW network. The problem is that it hasn’t been on the air since the end of March. Fans want to know when it will return, and whether that will be...
    19 April 2017
    L. Gunn
  • Is new ‘Supernatural’ on tonight, Thursday, April 20?

    When will new episodes with the Winchester brothers be back on the CW?
    Will a new episode of “Supernatural” season 12 air on Thursday, April 20, 2017? This is something that all fans are asking, as it seems that a lot of TV shows have opted for a break for the week....
    20 April 2017
    L. Gunn
  • Get to know 'Supernatural' guest actor Manoj Sood

    'Supernatural' fans will recognize Manoj Sood as Claire Novak's doctor in last night's episode 'Ladies Drink Free.'
    This talented actor has been seen all over with his roles in films like "Rat Race," "Watchmen," "Tomorrowland," and TV shows like "Insomnia,” "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" and "Continuum." Now...
    31 March 2017
    C. Bement
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