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What happens with White Goku in the series?

Goku could reach the new transformation; Super Saiyan White, but when? What can we expect from this transformation?
In the saga of the return of Trunks of the future, the magazines in Japan left us with doubt regarding the arrival of a white-haired Super Saiyan. So far there is suspicion as to whether it was about...
4 December 2016 -

'Dragon Ball Super': Manga 18 summary (part II)

We tell you all the details about tome 18 of the manga, and what readers can expect.
Continuing with the manga’s translations, we can see that there is some sort of confusión since Trunks reveals that the Goku of his time is dead and Black is in the future. That’s why Black must...
7 December 2016 -
D. B. S. ENG

The transformation Super Saiyan Rose of Broly.

What is going to happen if Broly transforms in Saiyan Rose fight with Goku SSJ 3 Blue?
In this article AcUS will talk a little about how Broly would be with the transformation of the Super Saiyan Rose and about a serious battle between The Legendary Super Saiyan and Son Goku. It was...
5 December 2016 -
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  • Goku's lost sister. Her name is Ika

    Goku has a sister called Ika. Akira Toriyama never mentioned her because she was not important for the series.
    In the early events of Saiyajin Goku's childhood, one could appreciate the best that a child can have in his life. Beginning with going to school and then staying with his teacher Roshi to learn more...
    4 December 2016
  • The fusion of Whis-sama and Vados-sama

    The angel Whis and Vados realize a fusion. In the portal image there are two character, who are they?
    The angels Vaddos-sama and Whis-sama as we know are responsible for watching over the destroying gods Bills-sama and Champa-sama. This has to involve some kind of transformation or fusion, it is...
    4 December 2016
  • Anubis, the God of the Destruction of Universe 10

    Bills-sama is in trouble with the God of Destruction Anubis. Where's he from?
    We will analyze in depth the possible appearance of the god of the destruction in universe 10 in Dragonball. Trunks comes from the future and in theory it's the same as universe 7 but instead it's the...
    4 December 2016
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  • 'Dragon Ball Super': producer reveals weakness of Zamasu's fusion

    We show you the new spoilers revealed by a producer, for this Trunks saga.
    Barely a few hours ago, the Animedia magazine published an interview where some details about this Trunks saga's ending were revealed. In this note we will show you the answers to some of the...
    12 November 2016
    D. B. S. ENG
  • 'Dragon Ball Super': Trunks has defeated Zamasu. Is he stronger than Goku and Vegeta?

    We answer one of the main questions about the end of this great saga!!
    Finally the Trunks saga is coming to an end. All that is related to its storyline has been outstanding, with a mix of perfect action, humor, drama, multiple fights and dynamics. Some fans may not be...
    14 November 2016
    D. B. S. ENG
  • A destroying god will appear in the next saga.

    In recent months the series Dragon Ball Super has been overcoming the barriers of all animes without any publicity help to get
    In recent months the series ''Dragon Ball Super'' has been overcoming the barriers of all animes without any publicity help to get where it is. So far it consists of 67 chapters which covered from...
    15 November 2016
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