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'Dragon Ball Super': what is the name of the techinque Trunks used to defeat Zamasu?

We reveal one of the biggest mysteries the last saga left us -- the saga of Future Trunks.
Future Trunks saga We were left with many positive things. Among them the comeback of one of the most interesting characters of "Dragon Ball Z" -- Future Trunks. Even though he was a key character in...
22 January 2017 -
D. B. S. ENG

'Dragon Ball Super': synopsis of episodes 74, 75, 76, 77. Bra finally appears

We show you the details of the next episodes of the Japanese series, and what to expect.
Episode 74: For those who you love! The unstoppable Great Sayaman! Synopsis: The Great Saiyaman (Gohan’s alter ego as a superhero), becomes a movie, and he is assigned the role of doing the stunts...
20 January 2017 -
D. B. S. ENG

'Dragon Ball Super': why Beerus did nothing when Majin Buu appeared

We analyze one of the most intriguing questions the fans have been asking about the series.
The adding of the Gods of destruction to the series has brought with it some important changes in the series’ story. We say so because we know that their role is to preserve the balance of the...
9 January 2017 -
D. B. S. ENG
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