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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' debates still rage about Rey's true parents

Rey must be related to someone in the 'Star Wars' universe but exactly who is still unknown.
By now most film fans, especially those into science fiction, have had a chance to see "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and become familiar with Rey, the blockbuster action star who is without a last...
6 March 2017 -
J. Schulze

Jinger Duggar Vuolo talks marriage and babies

The newlywed star of 'Counting On' has fans anxiously awaiting a pregnancy announcement
Jinger Duggar Vuolo has all eyes on her as she embarks on her journey as a newlywed. She has relocated from her home in Arkansas to her husband's home in Texas. The two were introduced by Jessa Duggar...
16 March 2017 -
T. Bailey

Anna and Josh Duggar announce they are pregnant

After a rocky two years, the couple has announced they are expecting baby number five
The Duggar family came out with another announcement today. While fans have been anticipating another baby on the way, it was quite surprising to find out which couple was expecting this time around....
17 March 2017 -
T. Bailey
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  • Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth bait fans with fake wedding date

    The joke is on "Counting On" fans who have been spreading around the rumored date of the Forsyth wedding
    Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have played a joke on the fans who follow the Duggar family and their every move. Ever since it was announced that the two were officially engaged, fans have been...
    18 March 2017
    T. Bailey
  • Lala Kent admits to plastic surgery in new interview

    The former 'Vanderpump Rules' star dishes on what she has had done and what she would do again
    Lala Kent has been the outsider on "Vanderpump Rules" for some time now. She made a dramatic exit from the show and abruptly quit her job at SUR at the same time. Kent was gone for a few weeks before...
    18 March 2017
    T. Bailey
  • Donald Trump claims there's a 'spirit of optimism' in America, and he's right!

    Donald says it's about jobs, but most of us are optimistic about the upcoming impeachment.
    Donald Trump is talking about everything but what America wants to know. Is he, and all of his administration, in bed with Russia? However, Trump's Twitter feed focuses on everything else, giving his...
    7 March 2017
    A. Daceyah
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  • Actor Bill Paxton dies post-heart surgery complications

    The Emmy nominated star of ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ and 'Training Day' dead at age 61
    Beloved actor Bill Paxton died Saturday, February 25th, following heart surgery complications after suffering a stroke. He was 61. Paxton was well known for his roles in hit movies like “Twister,”...
    26 February 2017
    S. Oliver
  • ‘iZombie’ season 3 will take a new route after ‘Salivation Army’

    Liv will need a lot of help to keep Seattle free from a raging zombie apocalypse.
    When "iZombie" closed out it's sophomore season on The CW network with the two hour television finale, "Salivation Army," Clive was ushered into a new era of his life and career that placed him in a...
    6 March 2017
    J. Schulze
  • Jane Fonda reveals she was raped and sexually abused as a child

    The iconic actress dropped a bombshell during an interview with Brie Larson
    Jane Fonda, the famous actress and daughter of Hollywood legend Henry Fonda, recently opened up about a very painful past, which she thought was her fault. While discussing feminism and her role as an...
    2 March 2017
    S. Oliver
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