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‘Big Brother': Jessica Graf stops autograph session after butt-poking questions

The ‘BB19’ beauty is tired of talking about her pranks in the CBS summertime house
“Big Brother 19” star Jessica Graf has had it with being labeled a butt poker. The eliminated “Big Brother 19” houseguest, and the current main squeeze of Cody Nickson made headlines when she...
22 September 2017 -
V. Miller

Josh Martinez is the winner of 'Big Brother' season 19

The 23-year-old beat out a veteran player to win the grand prize on the summer reality show.
Season 19 of the hit reality show "Big Brother" came to an end last night. The final three houseguests were Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul Abrahamian. The trio made it to the end with one...
22 September 2017 -
A. K.

'Big Brother 19' controversy: Jason Dent crosses major lines

After threatening rape, some 'Big Brother 19' viewers feel like Dent should have been ejected from the game.
“Big Brother 19” has been a train wreck. There is no way to explain just how awful this season has been. Aside from the self-eviction and the broken foot, there have been numerous uneventful...
30 August 2017 -
T. Bailey
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  • 'Big Brother 19' Rumors: Did Matt receive fair punishment for breaking rules?

    As a Have Not, he enjoyed hot showers, regular food, and didn't sleep in the Have Not room. Was one penalty vote enough?
    "Big Brother 19" fans tuned in for the fireworks on tonight's live eviction with Maven on the block. After a few days of chaos, because Jason didn't veto one of his own nominees, the showmance has...
    31 August 2017
    S. Morris
  • 'Big Brother' US gets first Celebrity edition on CBS

    Special season to air in the winter of 2017-18 before 20th season next year.
    The 19th and currently running season of “Big Brother” on CBS is moving into a climactic finale, having featured some of the most off-the-wall housemates and the most controversial events yet in...
    12 September 2017
  • Big Brother is watching you -- living in an Orwellian dystopia

    Mass surveillance, privacy invasions, astroturfing, marketing and manipulation.
    Orwell's "1984" has been quoted left and right, for years, but the reality that we currently live in has never resembled the dystopia that the author describes in his best-known novel as much as it...
    13 September 2017
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