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Tim Tebow moves one step closer to the majors

Either the team really believes in him or they are seeking some ticket sales.
Tim Tebow is arguably the biggest pariah to ever play minor league baseball. He's about to be given a new stage, though. The New York Mets decided to make the organizational move of promoting him to...
26 June 2017 -
H. Walter-Warner

The Baltimore Orioles avoid making bad baseball history

Plus, a trio of rookies for the Oakland A's make history by doing something that has not been done in over 100 years.
The struggling Baltimore Orioles avoided making bad baseball history in their win today over the AL East rival Tampa Bay Rays. Meanwhile, out in Chicago where the White Sox were playing the Oakland...
25 June 2017 -
G. Sousa

Nebraska baseball sees 2017 signee drafted early

John Swanda might have been the centerpiece of the recruiting class but he's likely gone now
One has to wonder when the Nebraska baseball team’s luck is going to turn for the positive again. After having what can only be described as a disastrous run in the post season, it appears one of...
14 June 2017 -
O. VanDervoort
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  • Baseball hope springs eternal thanks to MLB’s amateur draft

    How will the Twins use the first selection: pitching, hitting, college, or high school player?
    The only good thing about being at the bottom of a big league ranking at season’s end is being at the top of next year’s MLB’s amateur draft selection. That’s when the worst clubs have an...
    2 June 2017
  • Hitting drought plagues some of MLB’s biggest players

    An old baseball adage says a poor hitter can't hit his weight, forget their weight, these guys didn’t hit .100 last week
    Whether you are a baseball purist or just a fantasy nerd, fans recognize the importance of getting on base. Some of the best paid players, top all-star candidates and biggest names in Major League...
    14 June 2017
  • Republican Representative Steve Scalise injured during baseball game shooting

    Disgruntled constituent takes aim at the Republican practice game. 5 injured, 1 dead.
    Virginia Republicans were forced to take cover after an armed gunman opened fire at a practice baseball game, where most Republicans were located. five people were injured, only the gunman was killed....
    15 June 2017
    S. Breaux
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