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Meet ‘The Sandman’: Artist Klaus Bösch discusses his sandy kinetic art

Klaus Bösch is a world-famous artist who is well-known for his beautiful and innovative 'sandpictures'
Self-taught Austrian artist Klaus Bösch has been creating art since the 1980s and has worked with different mediums including paint, colored pencils, photography and, most recently, sand. A creative...
17 May 2017 -
M. . Meehan

Art that evokes emotion: interview with artist Cristina Rusu

Cristina Rusu gives an exclusive interview discussing her artistic creations and the inspirations behind them
Cristina Rusu is a Romanian-born artist who creates art that intends to evoke emotions. Now residing in the United States, Cristina works with a variety of mediums and her art is a manifestation of...
20 May 2017 -
M. . Meehan

Traditional art meets abstract expression: Interview with artist Jeong Min Park

Jeong Min Park discusses her artwork and the things that inspire her via an exclusive interview
Jeong Min Park is an artist who creates both traditional paintings and installations that can fill entire rooms. She holds an MFA and has exhibited her art in many different countries. Jeong Min Park...
21 May 2017 -
M. . Meehan
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  • Interview with abstract artist Youngae Song

    Artist Youngae Song discusses her use of color, inspirations, and current exhibitions in an exclusive interview
    Youngae Song is an award-winning contemporary artist who moved from South Korea to America in 2004 and presently resides in New York. Youngae has enjoyed more than a dozen solo shows featuring her...
    24 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting sold at a record $110.5 million

    Basquiat's painting was purchased by Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa.
    A painting by the deceased American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was sold at an auction in New York city for a record amount of $110.5 million (estimated to be around £85.4 million). This work was...
    19 May 2017
    M. Umar
  • Art and inanimate objects: interview with artist Jisook Kim

    Korean-born artist Jisook Kim discusses her work in her first ever English-language exclusive interview
    Jisook Kim is an artist who is known for her ultra-realistic sculptures that find beauty in seemingly commonplace items like swimsuits and pillows. Jisook Kim was born in South Korea and now resides...
    17 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
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  • Interview with the artist known as 'Blond Jenny'

    'Blond Jenny' discusses her alias, artwork, and more in an exclusive interview
    The artist who works under the moniker "Blond Jenny" is a New-York based painter, photographer and performance artist whose artwork illustrates the story of her life which is a combination of South...
    13 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • From Korea to the USA: Interview with artist Hyon Hartberger

    Hyon Hartberger is studying for an MFA and has a show running at the Demouzy Gallery
    Hyon Hartberger is a professional artist who was born in South Korea and now resides in the United States. Hyon is now working on an MFA in New York. She has been creating art for more than thirty...
    9 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • Artist Martin Schoffel discusses his geometic works and his forthcoming projects

    Martin Schoffel's colorful geometric artwork is gaining fans in America and abroad due largely to his participation in shows such as ArtExpo
    Martin Schoffel is an abstract artist of Austrian descent who was born and raised in Venezuela and has started to become popular in the United States in recent years. Martin is known for his...
    11 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • Art and soul: An interview with artist Sueim Koo

    Korean-born artist Sueim Koo discusses her soul-focused work and her experiences as an American immigrant
    Sueim Koo is an award-winning abstract artist who was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to America when she was thirty-six years old. Adjusting to life in America was initially hard for Sueim...
    14 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • Westbeth Gallery presents 'In This House of Sky' group exhibition

    'The House of Sky' will be on display at the Westbeth Gallery in NYC from May 25 to June 18, 2017
    Westbeth Gallery is an establishment located in New York City that is dedicated to showcasing artwork in a number of styles and mediums. From May 25 to June 18, the gallery will host a show titled...
    9 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • Art, writing, comedy and more: An interview with Byron Nernoff

    Artist and writer Byron Nernoff discusses his artwork, pending publications, experiences growing up in a historic house and more
    Byron Nernoff is an illustrative artist who has created many colorful and whimsical works that depict gears, odd machines, and mice. Byron has worked as a full-time artist for several years, and he...
    14 May 2017
    M. . Meehan
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