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Academy Awards 2017: is Casey Affleck still the frontrunner?

In another solid year for film, an established Oscar front runner may see his chances fall through the cracks.
As awards season began, the lead actor category appeared to be dominated by one person. Casey Affleck (otherwise known as the other Affleck) was finally able to show his enormous range in the film...
22 February 2017 -
A. . Wallace

Sculptors Guild presents ‘Currently 80’ exhibit at Westbeth Gallery in NYC

The Sculptors Guild organization is currently showing work in NYC and gearing up for their ‘American Twist’ exhibition in New Orleans this March
The Sculptors Guild is an artistic non-profit organization that aims to promote the work of sculptors by displaying their art to the public via a variety of venues. Since 1935, the Sculptors Guild has...
16 February 2017 -
M. . Meehan

Artist Jessica Maffia unveils lantern installation in Crown Heights NYC

An artistic post-election lantern installation is presently on display at the FiveMyles Gallery in New York City
Jessica Maffia is an artist who lives and works in New York City. Devastated by the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, Jessica is hosting an installation of more than one-hundred lanterns at...
19 February 2017 -
M. . Meehan
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  • When art experts assert absurdities

    The art world has long wondered who posed for the portrait known as “Mona Lisa,” but the newest speculation is about why the smile is not wide.
    Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting in the world, but since this column sees the work as unworthy of such hype, a likely reason for its fame is the ton of news stories that constantly pop...
    19 February 2017
    J. Altabe
  • Why is Churchill’s head on Trump’s desk?

    The Oval Office boasts a bust of England’s great civil servant for a man who never served his country.
    The Guardian, an English daily, asks the same question this column asks in its headline, but for different reasons. My views in a moment. First, it’s the Brit’s turn. They report that while the...
    16 February 2017
    J. Altabe
  • A Trump dictate drives some art shows

    Resistance to the president’s executive order for a travel ban not only showed up in two courts, but also in two New York art museum shows.
    You may think of museums as musty old storehouses of history, or perhaps a holding tank for the outlandish. But a couple of treasure houses in New York now refute the notion by mounting shows that...
    10 February 2017
    J. Altabe
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