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Interview with artist Caryn Azoff

Caryn Azoff currently has artwork on display at New York's Susan Eley Fine Art Gallery.
Caryn Azoff is an artist who creates colorful geometric patterns that look as appealing on paper as they do in murals. Born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Connecticut, Caryn now lives and...
8 March 2017 -
M. . Meehan

A silly symbol for gender equality in the workplace

Wall Street gets a new statue, 'Fearless Girl' to prod companies to put more women in their boardrooms
News in the Los Angeles Times about a new statue installed on Wall Street is reported with an apparent straight face when a smirk would be more fitting. (More about the sly smiling in a moment). The...
12 March 2017 -
J. Altabe

What makes this Old Master so masterful?

Sotheby’s auctioned a drawing by Raphael that is as finished and fervent as the painting it became
When it comes to the Old Masters, the big three were Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael, each true to the Renaissance ideals of naturalism and emotional expression. But they had different strength....
14 March 2017 -
J. Altabe
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  • An unexpected consequence of a Trump protest

    Artist Abigail Gray Swartz, a Women’s March participant on Jan. 21, stepped up in another way and made a dream come true
    When starting out, most artists struggle for a shot at success. Rough starts hit even those now celebrated. When Monet first exhibited his painting “Impression – Sunrise,” it was ridiculed....
    2 March 2017
    J. Altabe
  • An anonymous artist snags a one-man show

    An unknown Athenian pottery painter who lived 2,500 years ago is getting his due for his artistry with a solo exhibit at Princeton Museum.
    Once upon a time in an ancient Mediterranean land there lived an artist who was very prolific painting pictures of people on earthenware – jars, jugs, urns -- with such grace and skill that they...
    8 March 2017
    J. Altabe
  • 'Degenerate' art by Nazi standards is a horse of another color

    The Third Reich confiscated German Expressionist painter Franz Marc animal pictures and one is still missing.
    The way the Third Reich denounced artist Franz Marc would have you think he made dirty pictures, but all this German Expressionist did was paint animals in different colors – not only horses in...
    16 March 2017
    J. Altabe
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