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The new episodes of ‘Supergirl’ to feature new characters

Several seasons are in the works and we have high expectations with the project.
Fans will be excited to know that the new season of “Supergirl” will have several fan-favorite characters. Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), Potus (Lynda Carter), and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) are...
3 May 2017 -
J. Morgan

New 'Arrow' finale episode 22,season 5 spoilers released by The CW

The Black Siren shows back up on the scene. Lance gets extremely ticked off at Rene, and more!
Hey, "Arrow" fans. We're definitely going to see a very pissed off Lance at some point in this new episode 22 of the current season 5. Apparently, Rene is going to really send him into furiousville...
10 May 2017 -
A. Braddox

New 'Arrow' episode 21,season 5 spoilers revealed by The CW

Tons of violent criminals get released, causing Oliver a lot of problems! A mystery corpse pops up, and more.
Alright, so we've got some major drama going down with Oliver and a whole bunch of released, violent criminals in this new "Arrow" episode 21 of the current season 5. The CW let us know all the...
3 May 2017 -
A. Braddox
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  • 'Arrow' Season 5: preview and spoilers for episode 22

    'Arrow' episode 22 spoilers reveal Katie Cassidy returns as Black Siren
    "Arrow" is heading towards the end of its fifth season. Episode 22 is named "Missing" and will air on The CW next week. As viewed in the trailer, it produces one of the most expected moments for the...
    15 May 2017
  • John Barrowman will not return to 'Arrow' next year

    The actor has decided to move on in life and will not feature in the new episodes
    After five consecutive years in “Arrow,” John Barrowman has decided to part his ways. The actor took it to Twitter yesterday to share his experience about the series. He says that “Arrow” is...
    2 May 2017
    J. Morgan
  • New Arrow finale episode 23 season 5 spoilers released by The CW

    Oliver enlists a very formidable team to engage in an ultimate showdown with Prometheus, and more.
    Hey, "Arrow" fans. The time has finally come for the season 5 finale to take place. It will air next week. In it, we're going to be seeing Oliver assemble a very unlikely but powerful team to take on...
    17 May 2017
    A. Braddox
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