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New 'Arrow' episode 8,season 5 not airing tonight,delayed until next Wednesday

CW bumping 'Arrow' from its line up ,tonight, to show another one of their lame specials.
Hey, yep it's true guys. Your favorite "Arrow" show has been given the shove, for some unknown reason, so its new episode 8 of season 5 won't be airing, tonight. Instead, CW will be showing you guys...
23 November 2016 -
A. Braddox

New 'Arrow' episode 9,season 5 spoilers arrived. Prometheus gets more vicious and more

The whole 'Arrow' team is in grave danger by Prometheus! New clues discovered about Oliver's past, and more.
Alright, so it sounds like some major danger and interesting clues are going to get featured in the latest "Arrow" episode 9 of season 5 according to CW's latest press release spoilers. It turns out...
30 November 2016 -
A. Braddox

New 'Arrow' episode 8,season 5 spoilers revealed. Major crossover taking place, and more

Get ready to see a possible Flash and Supergirl crossover plotline go down in this installment.
Ok, so the new, official spoilers for CW's upcoming "Arrow" episode 8 of season 5, came in, and they sound very intriguing, but they are really, really short. It turns out that this episode might...
16 November 2016 -
A. Braddox
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