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‘Dragon Ball Super’: new Egyptian Goddess

Here we will reveal the potential of the universal goddess in the anime.
In chapter number 79 of the series of "Dragon Ball Super," we can see the new character that surpasses the other warriors on planet Earth and the universe 7, where the God of destruction Beerus comes...
31 January 2017 -
J. Velasquez

‘Pokemon GO’: the new global mini-game of Niantic

Next, we share with you the last news about the new mini-game launched by Niantic.
The new global mini-game of "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon" is now available. It is about making exchanges through the GTS, and will be available until February 14, 2017. Undoubtedly, this is a new...
1 February 2017 -
S. D. Baez

DBS: Elephant God appears with a new power

Here we reveal to you the new power of the Universal God that will appear in the next tournament.
A few hours ago new information has been leaked about the Elephant God who will make his appearance in the new universal survival tournament. The universal tournament brings together the 12 Gods of...
31 January 2017 -
J. Velasquez
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  • DBS: The arrival of Android 17

    We will reveal the return of the character to the new universal tournament.
    In the new chapter number 79 of the series of Dragon Ball Super, we are left astonished with the new member that returns to the planet Earth, Android 17. The character makes a visit to its sister...
    29 January 2017
    J. Velasquez
  • DBS: The Mystery Warrior revealed?

    We will reveal, the origin of the most powerful god in the anime universe 9.
    A few hours ago we have found interesting data about the latest news of the series Dragon Ball Super, which surprised many fans as it reveals the provenance of the strongest warrior: the god clown....
    29 January 2017
    J. Velasquez
  • DBS: the female Broly and the upcoming saga

    Here, we will show you the rumor about the identity of the Saiyan woman.
    In the chapter of the series of "Dragon Ball Super," it was revealed -- an event that will surprise many. At last the creator Akira Toriyama, returns with a new character that undoubtedly is the...
    27 January 2017
    J. Velasquez
  • ‘DBS’: Buu, Android 18, and new Tournament participants confirmed

    We show you the new warriors revealed -- powerful fighters in the next tournament.
    A new trailer for the highly anticipated new arc of "Dragon Ball Super" has been released, showing more warriors set to take part in the inter-universal tournament. Just a few days ago, it was...
    30 January 2017
    S. D. Baez
  • 'Betty Boop' returns in a series of animated shorts

    'Betty Goes Posen' will promote a clothing line inspired by the character for Valentines Day.
    Betty Boop has returned in a new animated short that will advertise a clothing line inspired by the classic character. What happened in the promotion short? In the short, called “Betty Goes a...
    13 February 2017
    J. Witiw
  • ‘Dragon Ball’: Goku's voice gets Guinness Award

    The latest news about Masako Nozawa, the voice of Goku, and new details about the saga of ‘Dragon Ball Super.’
    “Dragon Ball” continues to beat challenges, but more precisely, Masako Nozawa, the dubbing actor who lent her voice to Son Goku from the beginning of the series, will continue to do so. The...
    31 January 2017
    S. D. Baez
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