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New study reveals our terrifying impact on deep sea life

The largest ecosystem in the world could face a serious set of problem by 2100 if we don’t change our global patterns.
As we continue to understand more about the cosmos with each passing year, the ocean and sea floors remain quite a mystery even to this day. What has now become clear, thanks to a new study published...
23 February 2017 -
R. Poonja

JFK announces its first ever ARK oasis animal terminal

Animals now get the royal treatment at the 178,000 square foot facility while waiting for their flights.
Humans often have amenities like massage chairs, wine bars, airport lounges and even in-terminal yoga classes while awaiting their flights while their pets are placed in a crate with water. Flying can...
17 February 2017 -
S. (. Lee

Malcolm X daughter & granddaughter charged with theft & animal cruelty

After arrest of two women, authorities were stunned to learn their identities and the charges they face in Maryland.
Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, was an influential figure until he was assassinated in 1965. He was a civil rights activist, born in May of 1925. His dad was murdered when Malcolm was six due to his...
29 January 2017 -
S. (. Lee
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  • Kentucky teen helps 'lost' Yellow Labrador and gets a huge surprise

    Tyler Wilson was pumping gas at a local gas station when he took pity on what seemed to be a lost dog, but things aren't always as they seem.
    It was the second time in a couple of weeks that the Kentucky teen had seen the dog, sniffing around at the gas station, so he assumed the mutt must be lost. He was concerned for the dog’s welfare,...
    29 January 2017
    A. Sewell
  • Bodies of seven dogs found along rural North Carolina road

    Authorities believe the deceased animals had been dead for several days before they were found.
    Authorities deal with animal cruelty and abuse on a regular basis, which led to tougher statutes for such crimes in some states. Most offenses are now considered felonies. Anyone who maliciously and...
    30 January 2017
    S. (. Lee
  • San Francisco passes law targeting 'puppy mills'

    New San Francisco law prohibits pet stores from selling dogs and cats unless they are rescues; state lawmaker introduces bill to expand ban statewide.
    San Francisco city leaders chose Valentine’s Day to show their love for animals in approving legislation that targets so-called “puppy mills” by banning pet stores from selling dogs and cats...
    15 February 2017
    J. Marshall
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  • Japanese fishermen capture 100 bottlenose dolphins in five days

    Fisherman found a super-pod of bottlenose dolphins and during a five day period, captured 100 that will be sold to marine parks and aquariums
    On Friday January 20, 2017, a group of fishermen participating in the annual dolphin drive left The Cove in Taiji, Japan. What they found was an amazing super-pod of 300 Bottlenose dolphins. During...
    25 January 2017
    C. A. Swan
  • Houston police officer loses job after animal sex charges and child porn

    Investigation continues into allegations of performing sex act with a small dog and possession of child pornography.
    Police officers are sworn in to serve and protect the community they service. Citizens rely on them to be models of excellence, looking up to them as authority figures. In most cases, police officers...
    25 January 2017
    S. (. Lee
  • DBS: The mystery of the clown god and his assistant

    Here we will reveal the new rumor in social networks about the universal god.
    In the next chapter, number 77 of the series Dragon Ball Super, we can now see the new storyline emerge. We learned of the arrival of the gods of destruction, in which there is the clown god and his...
    26 January 2017
    J. Velasquez
  • Mary Tyler Moore's role as an animal advocate

    She is well known for her television roles, but her heart compelled her to rescue animals.
    Many don't know that Mary Tyler Moore was a true animal advocate. Although Moore was best-known for her role as Mary Richards on the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," she also inspired others to make a...
    26 January 2017
    R. Johnson
  • Dogs reportedly dying from skin cream used in cancer treatment

    FDA warns pet owners to keep all medications out of pet’s reach like this cancer cream with toxic effects.
    Fluorouracil cream is used in the treatment of scaly, crusted lesions of the skin on pets as well as a skin cancer called superficial basal cell carcinoma. The cream works by killing abnormal...
    26 January 2017
    S. (. Lee
  • Feral cats get fed for 22 years by sheet metal worker

    76-year-old man in Connecticut opens his heart to the many feral cats that frequent his place of work.
    Feral cats are a major problem throughout the streets of Hartford, Connecticut as they seek shelter and food. Many residents and workers complain about the large population of felines and defecating...
    29 January 2017
    S. (. Lee
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