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Interview with Miranda Lambert: Country singer, songwriter, and animal advocate

Miranda Lambert discusses her experiences founding rescue organization MuttNation and designing a new series of pet toys and accessories for Petmate
According to the ASPCA, an estimated excess of 100 million pets reside in the USA alone. Many people all over the world consider their pet to be a treasured member of the family. Petmate is a global...
5 January 2017 -
M. . Meehan

Golden Retriever saves life of her Michigan owner after a fall in the snow

A northern Michigan man was saved by his Golden Retriever dog after he went out for some wood on New Year’s Eve, slipped on the ice and broke his neck
Just over an hour before the countdown began, turning 2016 into 2017, a man named Bob left his home in his pajamas and slippers to get more wood for his fireplace. This action ended in a harrowing 20...
12 January 2017 -
A. Sewell

The mysterious Ghost Shark appears in the depths of the ocean

The Ghost Shark is a rare and elusive deep-sea organism that was finally filmed for the first time in the water.
The Ghost Shark (Pointy-nosed blue chimaera) has a lifeless appearance, and black eyes void of light, it is hard to imagine that the organism is a real living animal. However, contrary to the belief...
24 December 2016 -
T. Williams
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