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Smart Replies will allow iOS and Android users to send replies in Spanish

Google will be rolling out Spanish language support for Smart Reply for the Android and iOS version of Gmail Inbox and Google Allo.
Technology in the form of products and services makes life easier. One of the forms of technological boons that make conversation in our day-to-day lives much easier is Smart Reply. The feature is...
26 July 2017 -
A. Mantri

LG G4 to receive Android N update

The 2015 LG flagship device is about to receive the Android Nougat treatment.
The LG G4 was an amazing device, with a top of the line camera and a stunning look with a leather back. The device was a great choice back then and even today. Being a 2-year-old flagship, it still...
25 July 2017 -
R. Johnson

All Android versions will get new emojis

Google will be rolling out a support library for new emojis called EmojiCompat.
Emojis have become an indispensable part of our lives. Considering most of our communication takes place over technology, emojis help us communicate our feelings in a more appropriate and clearer...
26 July 2017 -
A. Mantri
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  • Google releases Android O final preview

    Google announced that it was seeding the final preview build for its Android O OS, which will release by the end of summer this year.
    Google Android O is all set to be unveiled later this summer. The latest mobile operating system from the company is a highly-anticipated update that many premium smartphone users are waiting for....
    25 July 2017
    S. P
  • LG Q8 launched: A mini version of LG V20?

    The OEM unveiled a new Android smartphone dubbed LG Q8, which will go on sale soon.
    LG has launched a new smartphone on the market without much pomp. The latest release LG Q8 by all accounts can be dubbed the mini LG V20. Although the smartphone does not come with a widescreen...
    23 July 2017
    A. Mantri
  • Lenovo’s latest Android-powered tab passes through FCC

    The technology giant is expected to introduce its latest tablet with special features soon.
    Chinese technology giant Lenovo has been quite busy lately. Aside from working on introducing the best of the laptops in the market, the firm has also apparently been working on introducing newer...
    24 July 2017
    S. Sharma
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  • Top features to look forward to in Android O

    The Android O developer beta is out already and the company even has listed out all the features.
    It would appear that Google is done with Nougat. The search giant introduced its latest operating system (Android O) at the I/O conference last month. The beta is out already and the company even...
    28 June 2017
    K. Kumar
  • Classic artillery mayhem, 'Gunbound,' now available for iOS and Android devices

    Similar to the games in the 'Worm' series, the game utilizes the same turn-based artillery gameplay, 2D backgrounds, and physics elements.
    South Korean developer Softnyx' turn based artillery multiplayer video game, "Gunbound" is now hitting mobile devices as its own game called "GunboundM." The new mobile game, which will be made...
    1 July 2017
    C. Lim
  • Lenovo Moto X4 specs and features: what to expect

    Here is everything we know about Lenovo's upcoming Moto X4 Android smartphone.
    Lenovo's next iteration of the X series -- dubbed Moto X4 -- will be launching sometime during the fourth quarter of 2017. Not much was known about the device until today, thanks to a leak posted on...
    1 July 2017
    O. Papanastassiou
  • 'Essential' smartphone of Android creator's startup delayed

    Andy Rubin's Essential Products is staying mum regarding over week-long delay of product release
    Towards the end of May, a new Marvel was presented to gadget lovers everywhere by Andy Rubin, co-founder, and namesake of the mobile operating system Android. He called it the Essential smartphone,...
    11 July 2017
  • Best Android phones you should consider this fall

    Some of the smartphones have already arrived while others are expected to release this month.
    This year has seen the launch of some cool Android smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, and OnePlus 3T have improved on their predecessors, plus Google has created its first ever in-house...
    6 July 2017
    H. Shah
  • Top 5 best android games of 2017

    Android games has became really popular in last few years. The best games among them are mentioned.
    Gaming on Android has improved a lot since last five years. The numbers of users on Android has also increased by a significant amount as well. Therefore, many companies are taking the initiative to...
    10 July 2017
    A. Banerjee
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