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Amazon all tangled up in a $70 million refund for children’s purchases

At least $70 million worth of refunds should be issued, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
Amazon Inc. and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have agreed to end a legal battle over unauthorized in-app charges made “accidentally by children”. The FTC released a statement last week with...
14 April 2017 -
L. Fuad

Battered American retailers are closing stores at record pace

The major culprit behind this is Amazon, which is crushing everything in its path.
American retailers have struggled in recent years, especially in the face of ever-increasing online sales, which have been spearheaded by Amazon. In the face of the faster and cheaper online age,...
8 April 2017 -
G. Sousa

Jeff Bezos notes how Amazon helps to fund Blue Origin

Everyone who buys anything at the online retailer is helping to pay for private spaceflight
The key to having a private space program, as Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos might say, is to have a mountain of money from another highly successful business venture. Bezos revolutionized retail shopping...
6 April 2017 -
M. Whittington
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  • Amazon to hire 30,000 part-time workers over next 12 months

    Vacancies include 5,000 work-from-home customer service representative positions
    Over the next 12 months, Amazon would hire 30,000 part-time employees as the American e-commerce giant expands its operations. About 25,000 of the workers would be deployed to sorting and fulfillments...
    7 April 2017
    V. Hernandez
  • Amazon aims to hire 5000 more workers to stay home

    In latest announcement, Amazon's Virtual Customer Service program set to hire thousands of workers for their virtual call centers.
    Online retailer Amazon will create over 5000 part-time jobs over the next year in its Customer Virtual Service program. The program now in its 5th year attracts those needing the flexibility and...
    8 April 2017
    A. Vasquez
  • Amazon plans to shutdown Quidsi business it bought for $545 million

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced last week that he will be closing Quidsi because he finds the company unprofitable
    Jeff Bezos is famous for working retail organizations to the point where there’s no competition. He left people across the globe astounded when he stated that he would be closing Quidsi. He bought...
    7 April 2017
    J. Washington
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