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Amazon's best Cyber Monday tech deals

Amazon is offering great deals on tech from thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.
With Black Friday almost here, Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Who wants to brave the chaos and long lines in stores when you can find better deals online? And what site usually boasts the...
22 November 2017 -
B. Hall

Amazon Announces ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series to the Tune of $1 Billion

Looks like the $1 Billion One Ring will be coming to your TV screens sooner than we expected.
Amazon may already be a household name when it comes to online shopping, but it is still a relatively new one when it comes to streaming business. After being shaken by two allegations of sexual...
21 November 2017 -
M. Cruz

Catching Counterfeiters: How a company called Potoo protects Amazon and more

Fred Dimyan, the founder and CEO of Potoo, discusses the importance of protecting online businesses.
The internet has forever changed the way that people shop and browse for items. Amazon has become the second largest employer in the United States (shadowed only by Walmart) and currently has more...
15 November 2017 -
M. . Meehan
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  • ‘Monument Valley II’ out now on Google Play and Amazon

    The wait is over, ‘Monument Valley II’ has been released for Google Play and Amazon
    Fans were surprised when “Monument Valley 2” was officially announced and released onstage at Apple’s WWDC this past June. The studio head said he was surprised they were able to keep it a...
    8 November 2017
    D. Galbraith
  • Man’s greed for gold is destroying the Amazon rainforest

    Discovery of gold deposits in the Amazon rainforest have led people to take up illegal mining of the precious metal.
    Illicit gold mining has taken a toll in the rainforest of the Amazon where large expanses of land have been converted into wasteland by people who are egged on by greed. They arrived searching for...
    11 November 2017
    P. Ghose
  • Why Amazon has nothing to do with the retail apocalypse

    It's widely accepted that Amazon alone is somehow responsible for the historic collapse in retail sales.
    The assumption that Amazon has somehow caused what has come to be known as the “retail apocalypse” does not have any factual basis in reality. Data regarding online sales and retail bankruptcies...
    13 November 2017
    B. Nibley
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