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New York City wants to be site of Amazon 'HQ2'

Cites diverse workforce, access to multiple industries, and its Manhattan Google HQ.
Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer and marketplace, has been in the habit of springing surprises in the business world this year. As if trying to top its acquisition of Whole Foods, they...
19 September 2017 -

Illegal miners in Brazil boast of killing members of ‘uncontacted’ Amazon tribe

Illegal gold miners were heard to drunkenly boast in a bar that they had killed between 10 to 20 members of an ‘uncontacted’ Amazon tribe.
Brazilian public prosecutors have recently opened an investigation into reports that illegal gold miners on a remote Amazon river had bragged of killing around 10 to 20 members of an “uncontacted”...
12 September 2017 -
A. Sewell

Netflix vs. Amazon: who wins for best originals?

Millennials voted on the best originals from the two streaming services, putting one miles ahead of the other.
Ever thought that one streaming service outperforms another? It's common for many people to choose one service over another, but there are others who will pick Netflix and Amazon together. Both offer...
11 September 2017 -
C. Carter
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  • 'Injustice 2' PC version spotted in two European retail websites

    A PC version of 'Injustice 2' has been spotted in Amazon France and Dutch retailer website GameMania.
    The latest updates for "Injustice 2" will feature a PC version spotted in two retailer websites and new character gears for Wonder Woman, Black Manta, and Green Arrow. PC version leaked online It...
    11 September 2017
  • Amazon planning to build second corporate headquarters

    Proposed 'HQ2' could generate up to 50,000 jobs in whichever city it will be built in.
    A lot has been said about the exponential expansion of the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon. The empire that arose from the simple dream of its founder and now chairman/CEO Jeff Bezos has...
    8 September 2017
  • Amazon to launch two new Fire TV devices in 2017?

    Amazon is allegedly working on two new Fire TV models that could release soon.
    Amazon is reportedly looking to release two new Fire TV models soon enough. AFTVnews in an exclusive report claims that Amazon is developing two brand new Fire TV models, both of which are capable of...
    14 September 2017
    A. Mantri
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  • Amazon launches Amazon Cash as 'Top Up' in UK

    The service is mostly similar to the US version, albeit with different retailers and deposit amounts.
    Back in April, Amazon launched a service called "Amazon Cash." Its purpose is so that people without debit cards, credit cards, or bank cards will have an easier time doing transactions with Amazon....
    25 August 2017
    J. Leuven
  • Microsoft and Amazon collaborate to allow Alexa and Cortana to communicate

    Tech users will now be able to access Alexa using Cortana and vice versa.
    Two tech titans come together for a project that will change the smart speaker industry. Microsoft and Amazon officially announce a collaboration that will allow communication between their respective...
    3 September 2017
    L. D. Lim
  • Brazilian President auctions off the Renca reserve in Amazon

    The Opposition describes it as the biggest attack on the Amazon in the last 50 years.
    The temptation for financial gains has had the upper hand over environmental concerns. In view of attracting investment, the Brazilian President Michel Temer has abolished the Renca reserve in Amazon,...
    25 August 2017
    F. Nazirkhan
  • Amazon could be up for a new fight with Google Home-Walmart alliance

    The e-commerce battle hots up, as Google Home takes on Amazon in a fight for online shopping dominance.
    It is now possible for Google Express subscribers to do their Walmart shopping via Google Home smart speakers. This development is set to rival Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo shopping capabilities, in...
    24 August 2017
    G. Obasogie
  • What the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Means For Us

    Details about what will be changing in your Amazon and Whole Foods services
    Amazon users and Whole Foods lovers alike are sure to be scrambling for information on the $13.4 billion deal made last week. Much talk and speculation have been going around about what this will mean...
    31 August 2017
    B. Nelson
  • Alexa and Cortana integration, product of Amazon-Microsoft team-up

    These digital assistants will work together to cover each other's weaknesses.
    It is the age of internet phones, voice and retinal recognition, and of course, digital assistants! These artificial entities bring us convenience, and some have also evolved to be entertaining enough...
    30 August 2017
    J. Leuven
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