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'Brad's Status' to star Ben Stiller

Stiller stars as a struggling father who is caught up in the past as his son heads to college.
"Brad's Status" is an upcoming American comedy movie which is both written and directed by Mike White. The movie follows the character of Brad who is taking his son on a tour of college campuses. Over...
25 July 2017 -
L. O. C. Desmond

Amazon sale ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ under $10 and other PS4 digital games

"Batman: Arkham Knight" is now under $10 and other PlayStation 4 digital games have a generous deal as well.
No PlayStation fans could ever imagine that Amazon would offer the best discount for Batman games, especially for “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Furthermore, Amazon also offers a decent deal for some...
24 July 2017 -

Amazon and Whole Foods deal may take longer than expected

The Federal Trade Commission regulators revealed that they are still undecided on the matter of the Amazon-Whole Food merger.
US regulators said that they are still undecided on their stance regarding the antitrust claims put forward by competitors against Amazon’s $13.7 billion deal to acquire Whole Foods. Democrats have...
25 July 2017 -
S. P
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  • Amazon is hiring customer service associates to work from home

    If you want a job working from home, Amazon wants to hire you if you have the right qualifications.
    Amazon is hiring people to work from home as Customer Service Associates through the company's Virtual Contact Center. The job requires employees to answer customers' questions by phone or when they...
    1 July 2017
    M. Minnicks
  • Photobucket stumps Amazon and eBay with its ransom demand

    The problem has been caused by Photobucket introducing a charge for allowing images hosted on its platform to be embedded into third-party sites.
    Online retail giants like Amazon and eBay were shocked to see that the images used for promoting the goods and services in the respective sites had suddenly disappeared. Photobucket is an online...
    5 July 2017
  • Panic on Wall Street as NASDAQ stocks go on tailspin due to system glitch

    Technical glitch displayed stock price of highly sought after stocks like Amazon and Microsoft at $123.47.
    How would you feel if a stock in your portfolio that had been trading for around $950 suddenly crashed to $123.47? Anyone would be in shock, and that is exactly what happened yesterday on Wall Street...
    4 July 2017
    V. Cross
  • Alexa now part of the Amazon Android app

    Starting this week, you’ll be able to talk to Alexa on your Android phones.
    Amazon has confirmed that it will be incorporating the Alexa voice services to the Amazon shopping app on Android. This update is the first of its kind, moving past the presence of Alexa on Echo...
    21 July 2017
  • Democrat lawmaker wants Congress to scrutinize Amazon-Whole Foods deal

    The lawmaker feels that a failure to scrutinize the deal is a disservice to the people
    Amazon's foray into the grocery industry with the acquisition of Whole Foods for $14 billion had raised quite a few eyebrows for a variety of reasons. Critics had raised concerns that the acquisition...
    15 July 2017
    V. Cross
  • Amazon starts selling Amazon Meal Kits

    Amazon meal kits launched on its website and customers were offered a wide variety of both vegetarian and meat options of certain dishes.
    Amazon is venturing into a new avenue of business in which the company looks to sell prepackaged meal kits to its customers. These meal kits will provide the ingredients required for cooking a...
    20 July 2017
    S. P
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