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‘Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner working on a new show for Amazon

The show will be an anthology series much like Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’
Fans of AMC’s “Mad Men” will be delighted to know that the creator of the hit period drama is working on another fascinating project that is yet again linked to historical events. Matthew...
5 March 2017 -
R. Poonja

Amazon takes down a large part of the internet on Tuesday

Amazon has more control than we think and this Tuesday was the means of proving it...
We all know Amazon has a lot of power but this Tuesday, many realized just how much power Amazon really has and its effect on a variety of different websites and companies. On Tuesday, one Amazon...
2 March 2017 -
J. Greenland

Amazon may have messed up some ‘Persona 5’ limited edition preorders

A misunderstanding prompted Amazon to label the premium editions ‘dangerous.’
Atlus USA has finally responded to the issue regarding Amazon canceling some preorders for its “Persona 5” Take Your Heart premium edition and SteelBook edition. The game indeed has a pretty...
20 March 2017 -
A. Gift
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  • Amazon creates its own security camera

    The company's newest project is a security camera which will work in tandem with Alexa
    According to a leak, Amazon is developing its own security camera, fully compatible with Alexa. It might also work with Echo, Amazon's already existing sound-based system. This will allow it to be...
    2 March 2017
    P. Jain
  • Typo blamed for Amazon internet outage

    Amazon announced that human error caused the S3 web service outage earlier this week
    Amazon today announced the reason behind the huge internet outage that occurred as a result of their S3 web service outage. It seems that the well publicised turmoil in their service provision was...
    3 March 2017
    A. Sibia
  • The zen of politics in the United States

    The recent tide in bestselling books about 21st Century American politics say something by saying nothing
    There are currently two books offered on Amazon that are unusual, both consist of blank pages. One book's intention is to be a slur by insinuating Trump has nothing of substance to offer. The other...
    11 March 2017
    S. B. Sciacca
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