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'Dancing with the Stars' Season 24 predictions

Season 24 premieres with its 400th episode, a new cast, and surprises to celebrate the milestone.
ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" is such a popular competition show that even when it is not on the air, there is still news about it. Season 24 premieres on March 20, 2017. That's several weeks away,...
31 January 2017 -
M. Minnicks

'Grey's Anatomy' casting: New man being added could Jo's ex be joining the show?

Jo recently shared about an ex that she ran away from and it looks like he might be showing up
Things have really been heating up on "Grey's Anatomy, " and Jo finally admitted to Alex the reason she can't get married. She is still married to someone, but he doesn't know where she is at and she...
9 February 2017 -
M. Robinson

These three 'Grey's Anatomy' characters were nearly series regulars

Shonda Rhimes had bigger plan for some not-so-popular 'Grey's Anatomy' characters
With the news that Jerrika Hinton is leaving "Grey's Anatomy" after this season, it means her character Stephanie will need to say goodbye to the rest of the doctors. She won't be the first main...
22 February 2017 -
A. Ingham
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