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President Trump to transfer power to the people

The incoming President Donald J. Trump vows to transfer power to the people in a colorful event despite widespread protests in major cities
The colorful event at Capitol Hill which was televised all over the world on 20th January saw the smooth transfer of power from outgoing president Barack Obama to the new president Donald Trump. The...
21 January 2017 -
O. Mudega

Opposition party in Kenya is gaining momentum

The National Super Alliance party has been launched at a time the country is grappling with corruption and endless doctors and university strikes
With only seven months remaining before the next general elections in Kenya, the formation of a united opposition party (NASA) is an indication that the East Africa economic powerhouse is ready to...
19 January 2017 -
O. Mudega

How the media steals from an ordinary citizen

The broadcast media has totally drifted from its role of informing and educating, and focused on lucrative activities
One of the roles of the mainstream media is agenda setting, apart from educating, informing and entertaining. Radio and TV not only teaches good ethics, but also tells people what to think about. The...
20 January 2017 -
E. Ombaso
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    The Seattle mental health counselor has a lot to offer on this season of 'The Bachelor.'
    One of the most underrated contestants on this season of "The Bachelor" is Taylor Nolan. She hasn't had the opportunity to make much of an impression on Nick, especially with all of the attention...
    16 January 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
  • A new episode of 'The Bachelor' airs tonight on ABC

    Tune in tonight to see who is going to stay, and who doesn't get a rose.
    For many people, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. But fans of "The Bachelor" seem to live for Monday's and the two hours where they can watch women fight for the attention of one man. Nick...
    16 January 2017
    A. K. Akeeler
  • ‘Agents of SHIELD’ 4x10 ‘The Patriot’ recap and review

    ‘Agents of SHIELD’ reveals what Director Mace has been hiding in ‘The Patriot.'
    We’ve known that there’s more to Director Mace than meets the pretty much since his introduction this season on “Agents of SHIELD.” Now, we know the truth as “The Patriot” unveils his...
    17 January 2017
    A. Joyce
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  • ‘Agents of SHIELD’ to reveal Director Mace’s secret in 4x10

    In an upcoming ‘Agents of SHIELD’ episode, Director Mace will take the spotlight
    Given the nature of shows like “Agents of SHIELD,” where the bulk of the action is centered around a group of spies, the audience always finds it difficult to trust new additions to the cast. Such...
    30 December 2016
    A. Joyce
  • Are these the next ‘Agents of SHIELD’ episode titles?

    ‘Agents of SHIELD’ fans believe they’ve found the next batch of episode titles for season four of the show.
    Fans of comic book shows and movies have learned to analyze every frame for Easter eggs and clues to what might be next, but some fans are taking that analysis to social media as well. Fans of...
    3 January 2017
    A. Joyce
  • ‘Agents of SHIELD’ EP teases third arc for season four

    ‘Agents of SHIELD’ will feature a third major story arc following its Ghost Rider and LMD focus.
    “Agents of SHIELD” has seen a creative resurgence thanks to Ghost Rider and his eight-episode-arc to begin season four. The series is moving on to Life Model Decoys in its next batch of episodes,...
    9 January 2017
    A. Joyce
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