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'Dancing With The Stars' season 24 finale night one spoilers

The final three couples perform two dances, including the much anticipated freestyle
Tonight was the night one of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” finale. The last three couples standing performed two dances, a redemption dance chosen by the judges and the much-anticipated...
22 May 2017 -
S. Turano

List of shows not returning to ABC, CBS, and NBC for 2017-2018 TV season

Some of your favorite shows will be getting the axe when the new TV season begins.
If you are a TV junkie, you may be disappointed to learn that some of your favorite shows will be canceled for the 2017-2018 season. And while it may be a bummer to find out that shows you enjoy will...
14 May 2017 -
C. P

'Grey's Anatomy' to get second spin-off series

After 2007's 'Private Practice', hit ABC medical drama will spin off new show, this time about Seattle firefighters.
Ever since a mid-season premiere in 2005, ABC’s medical TV drama “Grey’s Anatomy” has found its way into the hearts of both critics and viewers, even winning a number of awards. While its 13th...
17 May 2017 -
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